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''Gut-Bacteria Creates the Radiance of Your Physical Attributes & is the Ancient Secret Behind an Agelessly Youthful Complexion. Thus, Your Looks are Highly Dependent on Your Gut Health. When More Than Half of the Women-Force Across the World Struggles with Skin, Hair & Beauty Issues, Ancient Krauts are the Internal Route to Your Most Radiant, Clean & Youthful Self!"

Carrot-Beetroot-Ginger Ancient Kraut is a delicious, tangy, probiotic-rich superfood rich in gut-friendly bacteria that improves digestion & immunity & heals inflammatory skin conditions such as acne & skin rashes from within. The host of good bacteria in carrot-beetroot-ginger ancient kraut substantially increases the bioavailability of vitamins & minerals & support the production of 'Enzymes', the single most important factor for a clear, youthful & radiant skin texture. Weight-loss is a natural side-effect of consuming ancient krauts regularly as the digestive system strengthens & detoxifies with good gut bacteria. The Ancient Krauts help maintain pH balance of the blood & aids the absorption of nutrients. It increases the production & absorption of B vitamins, the lack of which is a major cause of hair fall & skin break-outs. 

Svarasya's Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger Ancient Kraut is packed with bioavailable , probiotics, nutrients, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, betacyanins, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, vitamins, minerals, fiber & organic acids that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream & detoxify & purify blood. The purified state of blood shows on skin as a clear, acne-free complexion. Traditionally, fermented beets are known to reverse the signs of aging, wrinkles & age-spots. It is known to thicken hair & minimize the graying of hair. 

Shelf-Life: Ancient Krauts have a long shelf-life, up to an year or more if kept refrigerated. The mature krauts become, tangier, softer, more delicious & richer in probiotic bacteria.

Consumption: Ancient Kraut can be consumed with meals as pickle, can be topped on salads for tangy flavor or simply added to your smoothies. About two teaspoons, thrice a day with meals will ensure a good amount of microbiota in your digestive tract.

Please Note: Our Ancient Kraut is prepared traditionally through the lacto-fermentation process using sea salt, mineral water & organic vegetables in controlled environment. It is 100% chemical & preservative free probiotic range of raw, naturally preserved, easily digestible, rich in friendly bacteria, enzyme-rich & delicious range of vegetables.

Ancient Krauts must be consumed daily for drastically visible beauty, skin & health results. However, avoid consuming fermented foods if you are histamine intolerant. Some common histamine intolerance symptoms include severe allergies, face swelling, nasal congestion, hives, anxiety, red watery eyes, heartburn or irritability.

Probiotics: With its diverse community of living, beneficial bacteria that helps break-down toxins & heavy metals from the body, the Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger Ancient Kraut enhances the body's capability to drastically absorb minerals & vitamins optimally, helps digestive tract to produce beauty vitamins specifically B vitamins directly associated with hair & skin health & energy levels. 

Digestive Enzymes: Digestive enzymes produced during the lacto-fermentation are a great aid to clean the toxic matter from your system. This toxic matter is the foremost cause of pigmentation, dull complexion, aging, wrinkles, acne, falling & thinning hair & depleted energy reserves, as the cell repair process gets hampered in the absence of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes coming from lacto-fermented foods help improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles & attain a youthful appearance.

Phytonutrients: An array of phytonutrients are required for that tinge of healthy skin tone & that's science! The rosy complexion is the state of pure fresh blood within. Phytonutrients in Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger Ancient Kraut are biocompatible with our skin, improve blood quality & help boost the production of collagen & elastin. They fight inflammation & support the healthy quality of skin cells produced from within making skin vibrant & youthful on the outside.

Sulfur: Referred to as 'The Beauty Mineral', the sulfur content in the Ancient Krauts holds all the potential to give you a fabulous skin. Skin, hair, nails, all body cells contain sulfur & the lack of this beauty mineral shows up in the form of dull skin, lifeless & colorless hair & aging body.  Consuming ample quantity of Ancient Krauts daily enhances skin elasticity, collagen production & skin structure. Sulfur from Ancient Krauts helps alleviate severe skin conditions such as pigmentation, scars, blemishes & sun damage.

B Vitamins: Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger Ancient Kraut is rich in B Vitamins known to have a direct impact on skin & hair health. It helps cleanse the blood & improve energy levels while aiding weight loss.

Anti-oxidants: The antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties of Ancient Krauts help neutralize free radicals-the toxins that degenerate skin cells & other body cells. The detox action of Ancient Krauts cleanses the digestive tract C& help keep cellular health in optimal condition. The wrinkle-free, radiant & clear state skin & an ageless state of youth is attributed to optimal cellular health!

Organic Carrots, Organic Beetroots, Organic Ginger, Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Mineral Water

Traditionally, fermented beetroot & carrot is known to improve immunity, purify blood, combat allergies & digestive issues, improve skin health, reverse aging signs, thicken hair boost immune function, cleanse blood & combat fatigue.

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