Green tea Ritual is a Japanese tradition to aesthetically enjoy relaxation, peace, calm & simply a sense of being in the company of dear one. An Oriental staple, green tea holds a ceremonial relevance & offers a host of beauty & health benefits.


The world has a panache for green tea. The mornings of thousands of people across the globe are greeted with this health & beauty elixir. Having a tea consuming history since ages, little do we know about this health & beauty elixir, its application for selfcare & its ceremonial relevance in the ancient Oriental culture.


Who better understands the importance of green tea than a porcelain-skinned Japanese woman. Japanese women knew what it takes to attain a beautiful complexion & their secrets are still hidden in their rituals of self-purification, cleansing & detoxification using potent botanical ingredients, green tea being one of the most potent ingredient out of all!


Camellia sinensis bush is the primary tea plant from which various varieties of teas are derived based on different levels of processing. Green tea is a simple & elegant inside-out health & beauty elixir possessing supreme detoxifying & healing properties. Holding a place of honor in the zen tea ceremony, the green tea ritual is more a matter of timeless contemplation amidst serenity. Go by its traditional relevance & you realize, to enjoy the aesthetic tradition of tea, the mind must be at calm. Probably that's the reason that tea has a deep association with serenity & peace of morning hours & is served as the first drink in the morning in various cultures of the world!


Green tea ritual holds a ceremonial relevance in the Oriental culture of Japan & China.

Japanese green tea ceremony is known as Sado signifying "the way of tea" or Chanoyu signifying “hot water for tea” in Japanese. True to its meaning, the Japanese green tea ritual is more a way of life for Japanese people. It is those serene & calm moments where people enjoy the divinity of the sense of being amidst near & dear ones. Quite interestingly, Japan's green tea ritual is so disciplined that it may take years for a green tea ritual practitioner to learn this aesthetic art. Right from slow dignified movements to prepare the tea, to selecting beautiful ceramic bowls, to setting the room with captivating flower arrangements, to the art of pouring tea, everything is aesthetically performed. It is a way to honor the existence of individuals in life by serving them the best brews in a holistic way. Deeply rooted in Chinese Zen philosophy, the serene green tea ritual diverts one from mundane day-to-day affairs & instills a sense of serenity & inner peace.


The modern culture of teahouses springing up in India has its ancient roots in the Chinese tradition, where, during the Ming dynasty, teahouses came up all over the country & people used to come to spend a leisure time & drink tea. Still prevalent in China, the teahouses are still a place to relax & having a good time. Undoubtedly, the ancient tea culture signifies the importance of relaxation & contemplation everyday! 


Traditional Chinese Medicine describes green tea as freely available medicinal staple that does not need any prescription! In ancient China, green tea was considered a health tonic & a solution to prevent illnesses, that also promoted vitality. It was considered to be possessing cooling properties & having soothing & healing effect on the mind. It was also known to quench thirst, clear body heat, relieve indigestion, dizziness, sleepiness & activate bowel action.

Even itoday n modern China, green tea is recommended as a health tonic to deal with illnesses. Probably its that potent elixir that not just works on the health of Chinese people, but also contributes towards their thinner frames & heavenly skin. With a few small cups of green tea through the day, the body is equipped with ample antioxidants and other nutrients & trace minerals, making it an elixir with dense nutrition that is detoxifying in nature. With the body getting detoxified the vitality builds up automatically that reflects as beauty on the outside. 


Green tea beautifies on the inside as well as on the outside & there is a scientific logic to back that! Offering a host of benefits for the outer appearance, green tea holds the power to transform your beauty tip to toe! The logic goes like, as green tea detoxifies from within, the body tends to become clean & free flowing, the body systems begin to perform optimally, the antioxidants act as antidote to heal cellular health & the overall effect is better immunity, energy & vitality deep within. The radiance that shows on the outside is this state of being inside!
Some of the potent beauty benefits that green tea offers include:

⦁ Being a zero-calorie beverage, the green tea provides a quick punch in those lazy moments without adding a hint of calories, thus being a power-packed treat for weight-watchers.

⦁ Skin disorders such as dry, flaky skin can be effectively dealt with external application of green tea.

⦁ It slows down aging signs that begin to appear as wrinkles, age spots & reverses damage caused by free radicals.

⦁ It is effective in controlling sebum production, thus reducing oil on skin & shrinking pores. 

⦁ It protects skin from sun-damage due to its anti-inflamatory properties. Its external application reduces acne & black spots considerably making visible difference in complexion.


'Meirou' is made from ceremonial matcha green tea & soybean powder – the two most significant ingredients in Oriental skin-care. Meirou is an elegant and simple curative beauty recipe that helps absorb excess oil from the skin to reveal a glowing complexion. Matcha green tea is an ancient curative ingredient & white soybean is highly nourishing with a rich cocktail of protein, B vitamins & minerals.

A perfect solution for oily skin, Meriou helps deal with acne, aging & dull skin issues that appear due to oily skin, including blemishes & skin discolorations. The compounds in green tea help revive dying skin cells caused due to various lifestyle factors such as pollution & exposure to sunlight. It contains powerful antioxidants & anti-inflammatory agents that suppress acne-causing bacteria and reduce zits & scars.

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