Svarasya is an 'Ancient Beauty & Selfcare' brand inspired by the ancient holistic concepts of beauty & wellness adopted from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yoga Science.

In the skincare, beauty & selfcare arena, our focus is to build a benchmark brand that talks of beauty in its literal sense, that means 'Beauty Inside-Out', with techniques & strategies that help detoxify & clean the body internally to create a clean beautiful skin from within, & perform skincare anciently to maintain & protect that radiance externally with pure authentic ancient skincare formulations.


The modern beauty & skincare scenario is all about living a disintegrating beauty & skincare from overall health, wellness & nature, where:

- Diets do not directly correlate with beauty & the fad diet trend focusses on achieving one specific health goal at a time.

- Foods are not used internally to create a beautiful you. Foods are rather used in counted matter to feed the body only in terms of calorie (energy) intake.

- Daily routines are not taken into consideration with how you look & feel.

- Daily routines are not taken into consideration with how you look & feel.

- Personal habits & hygiene is underestimated as far as beauty & sense of wellness is concerned.

- Exercising is considered a mechanical activity than a self-connect activity to heal & detoxify self.

- Stress is an accepted part of life & the importance of unwinding is lesser than entertaining self daily. Stress impacts beauty hugely!

- Skincare & beauty today means visiting a skincare clinic, a salon or hunting for products claiming to be one-product miracles.

Svarasya - One-of-its Kind Concept in Ancient Selfcare, Skincare & Beauty Arena:

The existence of Svarasya is deeply rooted in the ideology of global ancient cultures of the world including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics & Yoga Science.

Similar to what these ancient modalities mention, Svarasya focusses on internal & external of 'Balance' & integrity of humans with the nature as the key to beauty, health & wellness. This balance begins with daily physical & emotional 'SELFCARE'! And so at Svarasya, our motto is to create a beauty & skincare culture that revolves around detoxing self from within & taking care of oneself using the selfcare techniques described in the ancient cultures to maintain timeless youth. Svarasya intends to revive the ancient art of 'SELFCARE' which is a much broader broader concept to attain a flawless skin, luxurious hair, shiny nails & radiating realm of internal energy. Precisely Svarasya is a brand with a mission & vision to revive the lost meaning of beauty in its literal sense based on ancient concepts.


Beauty is closely integrated with body functioning. A beautiful skin is just the outer covering on internal body parts & any skin condition is an internal reflection of what goes on within the body. For example, if there are lot of toxins within, skin shows it as unclear complexion, acne & other skin issues. Dry or sagging skin is an outcome of lack of hydration at the cellular level.

Beauty is never disintegrated with body functioning. At Svarasya, beauty & skincare is about internal body wellness, a strong gut, free flowing clean blood, detoxified body state & authentic, pure self-maintenance with bio-chemical ingredients that do not interfere with internal body functioning to toxify the body within or that do not exert pressure on liver to detoxify what you apply on skin.

Most importantly we utilize the power of nature's laws & its elements which are brimming with life force, to help you detoxing internally or externally & to help you attain pure body state internally that radiates as pure beauty externally. We intend to grant you a sense of wellbeing from where radiance & beauty appears unconditionally. Hence, foods, selfcare techniques, yogic movements & pure authentic natural selfcare with botanical ingredients are all an integrated part of our 'ANCIENT BEAUTY & SELFCARE' venture where:

- Self-connect & self-love is the first step to attain natural beauty.

- Right application of foods internally is an important part of creating beauty from within.

- Holistic approach to beauty replaces the fad diet phenomenon with holistic concepts of foods.

- Daily routines or 'Dincharya' matters to how you look & feel.

- Personal habits & hygiene are focused upon to create a sense of wellness within & beauty outside.

- Exercising is a medium of self-connect & to detoxify.

- Stress is considered to be highly detrimental to beauty & techniques to unwind are an essential part of our beauty inside-out venture.

- Selfcare & maintaining oneself externally with ingredients infused with life force goes hand-in hand with internal cleansing & detoxification.

Svarasya Ancient Beauty & Selfcare products have an ancient history backed by global folklore & ancient knowledge that speaks the story of how ancients used to selfcare inside-out with nature's elements. Our venture narrates how ancients lived through a beautiful life by consuming nature's foods, by spending ample time amidst nature, by using natural ingredients with live force to beautify, practicing detoxification & self-connect the yogic way & by maintaining balance in all aspects of life to be away from stress. We are a selfcare brand where beauty, skincare, health & wellness comes holistically & naturally.  

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