‘Skincare is much more than a CTM regime…

…Its Dense Nutrition that Forms Skin from Within…

…Its Flowy Body Movement that Promotes Toxin Removal…

…Its Deep Breathing Pattern that Nourishes Skin Cells…

…Its Regular ‘Clean Beauty Detox’ that Saves Skin from Aging & Internal Damage…

It’s an era of instant beauty fixes, times when skincare is about getting a facial done once a month or so. The art of maintaining a holistic beauty routine, the sense of feeling the goodness of natural ingredients on skin, the sense of absorbing the coolness of clay, the sense of inducing calm with the divine fragrance of florals, is all lost in time.

Skin needs to be cared for deeply & the result of being ignorant towards our skin is faced by all of us! Most probably your skincare ritual revolves around a CETM (Cleansing, Exfoliating, Toning, Moisturizing) routine, isn’t it? Well, if you are taking care of your skin on a regular basis, you are doing a good job. However, when the life is all about long weekends, late nights, regular stressed hours, processed diets, junk foods, exposure to pollutants, you necessarily need a detox to maintain your health & beauty.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body & is exposed to ample pollutants day-in & day-out. A regular CETM routine does help cleanse the outer layers of the skin regularly. However, for a deeper detox, skin needs a deeper caring pattern. A timeless, flawless skin is a result of keeping the innermost layers of skin clean & breathing right. That’s where all kinds of aging & inflammatory issues begin to arise. To defy the effect of daily pollutants on skin, you must learn the art of reaching to the deepest skin layers to cleanse & purify it from deep within through ‘Ancient Facial Steaming’.

The Idea Behind a Skin Detox:

Skin detox is an inside-out effort to help purge out toxins from the deepest layers of the skin that keep residing there for years unless you make a conscious effort to pull it out. These toxins cause skin inflammation, block pores, cause free radicals & accelerate aging at a much faster pace. A preventive measure to stop skin aging early on is to invest energies in a regular Skin Detox, an ancient concept meant to cleanse & purify skin from deep within regularly.

A skin detox must be performed externally with the floral & clay detox steaming process & by following a cleansing diet for an internal cleanse. The process initiates removal of internal & external toxins from the body while feeding the body nutrition inside & outside & helping the skin renew itself from within.

Ancient Art of Steaming:

Steaming is an ancient selfcare art ritualized by floral essences, earthy clays, uprising vapors from herbarized steams that possess the power to create timeless beauty par words. Mesmerizing floral steams brimming with divine floral fragrances followed by toxin-absorbing healing clays is what ancient Greeks sweared by.

The idea of luxurious floral steams originated in ancient Indian, Greek & Roman cultures. Floral steams & clay detox marks the beauty of absorbing the divinity of natural floral essences that not just beautify the skin, but also create a sense of wellbeing with soothing botanical essences infused with life force. Luxurious & deep skin pampering with floral botanicals & clay packs is deeply rooted in almost all ancient cultures of the world. From this emerged the concept of floral facial steam as a ritual to keep skin pure, clean the grime-filled pores & help the skin gleam form within.

Here are a few reasons why you need a skin detox:

  • It removes deep lying skin impurities, pollutants, toxins & dead skin cells to promote the renewal of new skin cells.
  • It saves you from breakouts & skin infection.
  • It promotes blood circulation by dilating blood vessels & making oxygen & nutrients reach the surface layer skin cells & lending a fresh, youthful & rosy complexion.
  • It promotes a sense of relaxation & creates a calm effect on skin.
  • It opens us the sinuses & helps clear the respiratory tract for a fuller deeper breathing.
  • It stimulates oil production that naturally moisturize the skin & rejuvenate a tired complexion immediately.

Svarasya’s Floral & Clay Detox:

The old school of thought believes of holistic beauty as a complete involvement of your senses with your selfcare rituals. When you completely merge yourself with your detox rituals, you experience a supreme sense of calm along with a beautifully glowing skin. The divinely healing floral ingredients impart a sense of wellbeing, the clay absorbs away the toxins & cools the skin, thus maintaining skin's pH balance. 

Clay is a super cleanser & acts as a pore closing medium after a floral steam detox. It does not get absorbed in the skin, rather acts like a vacuum cleaner or a sponge absorbing & pulling toxins out of the skin. 

How Floral & Clay Detox Works:

The sweat induced by the warm steam vapors initially opens the pores & softens the skin layer facilitating the dead skin & toxin removal process. 

Skin Detox Ritual-The Dincharya

Svarasya’s Ancient Skin Detox Ritual comprises of The Luxurious Floral & Clay Detox is an ancient yet luxuriously rich floral & clay blend detox combo that removes skin impurities & freshens the complexion with the goodness of naturally fragrant & earthy ingredients in their purest form.

The ritual is safe for all. However, if you suffer from eczema, rosacea or skin redness & inflammation, go slow with the ritual. Overtime, as the skin becomes detoxed, such skin conditions may become better. You can maximize the effects of skin detox steam by religiously merging your efforts with a 'Clean Beauty Detox' smoothie.

Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend: Luxurious Floral Facial Steam is a blend of naturally fragrant & nourishing flowers that create divine healing floral vapors when infused in hot water. These floral vapors detoxify, deeply cleanse & heal the skin. The curative floral essences hydrate skin to make it fresh, plump & dewy. The heavenly steam opens pores & penetrates within the deepest skin layers. It creates a warm & relaxing aura of botanical aromas for the senses & calms facial muscles restoring the aura of the face. Steaming face with Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend carries the infused floral essences to the deepest layers of skin & heals it deeply.

Luxurious Clay Facial Masque: Luxurious Clay Facial Masque is an Egyptian-Greek skin mineralizing blend of French pink clay, French green clay, Kaolin clay mixed with floral & fruit peel powders, all of which are enriched with powerful skin healing, purifying & detoxifying properties. Beneficial for all skin types, the Luxurious Clay Facial Masque helps heal sensitive, irritated & acne-prone skin. Its vitamin C content helps lighten age-spots & blemishes & reveals a glowing complexion. The earthy nature of Luxurious Clay Facial Masque helps heal the skin as well as nourishes the senses with earthy-floral aroma for a completely rejuvenated mind-body experience.

Preparing for a Divine Experience:

  • Choose a comfortable place.
  • Dress in comfortable cottons.
  • Drink ample water & turn-off distractions.
  • Prepare for the steam set-up at a comfortable place.
  • Play a soothing music for a completely relaxed experience.
  • Inhale deeply through nostrils & feel the steam going in.
  • With each inhalation & exhalation experience a deep sense of selfcare & wellbeing. 

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