Alisha, 28, is a young, beautiful corporate professional & seeks to be an all-rounder in her personal & professional life. Like a young, confident, modern, independent women of 21st century, Alisha expects all from life, be it excellence, position, fame, power in her professional life, or fitness, great body, lustrous hair, beautiful skin or happiness for her personal self. The effort that she puts in her work to excel, the similar effort Alisha tries to put in herself to maintain her physical appearance. However, dig a little more deeper into how Alisha takes care of herself, her beauty & her outer appearance, you come to know her beauty is quite on the surface, beneath which lie a host of skin & health issues:

  • Alisha's beautiful burgundy hair is all grey & so she uses chemical products to enhance her hair beauty.
  • To maintain her body, Alisha tries to follow diet that keeps her protein intake up. Most of the days her breakfast is the morning tea/coffee with some quick handy breakfast that keep her on the go till lunch. Alisha feels quite fatigued through the day & her coffee keeps her going.
  • Alisha has a tendency to bloat after eating & so, to maintain her figure Alisha prefers missing meals. She maintains her figure by spending 2 hours in the gym , for which she consumes concentrated protein powders.
  • Alisha has dark circles, bulging under-eye bags, blemished, dry & patchy skin which does not show publicly as she camouflages her actual skin under layers of make-up.

Though Alisha looks great in first look, when Alisha is all by herself, the physical flaws associated with her real beauty show-up realistically!

Doesn't that sound like every other women's story in modern times. Time-pressed, goal-oriented, stressed, balancing personal & professional front, & wanting to look & feel like a diva, makes a women succumb to the modern alternatives & parameters of beauty, without knowing the actual route to eternal beauty.

At 28, Alisha's grey hair is an indication that her body lacks essential nutrients based on which the hair & skin quality is formed. Her more than required protein consumption may be giving her those undereye bags & fatigue because extra protein builds additional toxic load on the body & its toxic remain is much higher after metabolism. Gymming without understanding her need for gymming may be adding on to her fatigue, even though she is able to maintain her figure. Keeping herself deprived of food at certain times may be causing her even more bloating that she assumes she gets after eating certain foods. Alisha's skin state with dark circles, under-eye bags, skin patches, pigmentation & dry lifeless skin is a direct indication that her internal body functioning is all hay wired!

Overtime, with the advent of cosmetic industry & industrialized standards of beauty, we have been convinced to believe that the solution of sagging skin is Botox, salon visits are holy grail for selfcare on the outside, gymming irrespective of knowing yourself leads to a heavenly body, & a world-class skincare product made from chemicals & captivating fragrances is enough to give you a heavenly appearance. If that would have been true, Alisha would naturally have had all beauty traits intact!

The modern parameters describe beauty as treatments, medications, Botox solutions, salon visits, gymming, chemical-based skincare & haircare. Irrespective of women across the globe following these parameters diligently, the skin & hair issues such as early aging, greying & falling hair, bulging bodies, dark circles, pigmentation, sensitive dry skin & other such issues are rising. Are we going wrong anywhere? Let's first try to understand what is beauty in its true sense?

Holistic Beauty

Imagine when age becomes just a number & the age clock stops ticking for you. You are full of vigor & vitality, your skin radiates from within, your lustrous hair speak of how your body is from within, your gleaming eyes speak positivity & opportunity despite of all odds, your energy levels make to do the extra-ordinary & you intend to keep going strong for years. And it's not just how you look after make-up that defines your beauty, but your entire self radiates positivity, vigor & vitality. The true definition of beauty is not camouflaging the self but radiating & shining from within. in short, true authentic beauty happens with:


Six Limbs of Lasting Inside-Out Holistic Beauty-The Changing Face of Beauty

Refer back to the ancient texts of Ayurveda & Oriental Science & you realize that the core foundation of beauty lies upon a balanced you at body, mind & soul level. From scientific perspective, the clear radiant skin & lustrous hair that you seek is nothing but optimal internal body functioning without any toxins or blockages. Beauty is a discipline, a promise to self to take care of oneself inside-out.

So lets understand what creates a lasting beauty?

Beauty Nourishing Diet

Someone rightly said, 'You Are What You Eat'. This definition goes a little further as, 'You Are What You Eat, Absorb & Assimilate', when it comes to beauty creating from within. The most important element that impacts the physical beauty is the nourishment that you feed yourself with. Your dietary choices & the beauty conversion system that is the digestive system plays a key role in converting nutrients into your physical attributes including body skin & hair. The vitality & radiance of your physical beauty is directly influenced by the quality of food & nutrition that you choose to consume.  From this perspective, what you eat is vital factor in determining the vitality of your beauty.

Beauty Nourishment & Selfcare on the Outside

Maintenance of human body on the outside is a must to keep living healthy & beautiful for years. Disciplined selfcare & skincare routines, effective muscle stimulation, massage & skin cleansing techniques for purification ensure the skin keeps performing at its best. 

The most effective ingredients that help you achieve best skincare results on the outside are the ones that are naturally infused with cosmic energy. The more you apply chemical based ingredients on skin, the more you burden your body with toxic load, as skin partially absorbs what you apply on it & enter your internal body, thus polluting your bloodstream & burdening the liver to detoxify what goes in. Nourishing skin inside-out naturally is the key to maintaining a flawless beauty. Through natural selfcare therapies & rituals, you can soothe the nervous system to create powerful rejuvenating effects that help release pent up stress. Such routines & regimes can improve internal organ functioning & delay aging when the organ performance gets rejuvenated. Outside detox efforts can activate the lymphatic system to improve circulation & keep wash-off accumulated toxins under skin's surface, creating an internal glow that radiates on the outside.

Body Movement & Beauty

“By practicing the Asanas regularly, men and women will acquire a figure which will enhance their beauty and that suppleness which gives them charm and elegance in every movement, and be endowed with a peculiar glow in his face and eyes and a peculiar charm in his smile” - Swami Sivananda (Renowned Yogi)

Human body is meant to move which is quite visible in the way the life arrives in the world, moving arms & legs at full force. A moving body does not stagnate toxins within. Beautifully designed yoga asanas serve a key role of exerting pressure at different corners of the body to break the hard deposited toxins & freeing the body of blockages. When toxins begin to clear out, extra fat begins to shed & the optimal weight-loss is achieved automatically. Yoga asans are highly detoxifying & promote vitality by stimulating body systems, rejuvenating organ functioning & improving circulation. Oxygen is the key to a fresh complexion & pranayama bridges the gap between true beauty & calm state of mind, while also oxygenating the body fully. A little secret to keep wrinkles at bay is to practice pranayama on daily basis. All of it shows in your outer appearance as radiance. In Ayurveda, youth is directly associated with a flexible spine & nothing better than Yoga asanas can help one achieve that natural grace of spine-the hallmark of beauty!. Where body movement is mandate for physical beauty, excessively tiring oneself physically (for example excessive gymming) leads to oxidative stress, thus releasing free radicals which are the prime cause of accelerated aging. Right body movement & listening to yourself is the key here!

Sleep & Beauty

What's in a beauty sleep? Sleep is symbolic of deep relaxation. During the state of deep sleep, the hard-working body organs are at rest while the detox organs are busy cleansing you internally. A state of relaxed sleep enables the blood to flow more efficiently towards the skin, thus supporting skin's healing activities.
Furthermore, sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands under the layer of the top-layered skin. It is the natural moisturizer produced by these glands, ideally to protect & waterproof the skin layer. From beauty perspective, the sebum can be considered as the natural skin softener & moisturizer blessed to us by nature to keep skin & hair healthy. A normal sebum production creates healthy, shiny and supple skin. Overproduction of sebum leads to oily & waxy skin texture & underproduction leads to dry & aging skin.

It is most important to know that sebum secretion is directly controlled by the hormones circulating in the bloodstream. Disturbed hormones means disturbed skin state, & so women suffering from hormonal issues are bound to face skin issues.

It is equally important to know that hormones can directly be controlled by maintaining regular sleep-wake-up cycle & practicing deep relaxation techniques including yoga & meditation.

To join the dots, beauty sleep induced with deep relaxation techniques & meditation techniques can be the key to beautiful skin inside out!

Aligning with Nature for Beauty in Thoughts & Mind

Humans are closely connected to the nature which is much visible in the fact that the oxygen that plants release makes humans survive by breathing-in the life force. Nature, plants, trees, flowers have the power to spread peace, calm & happiness. Furthermore, aligning human activities with day & night cycle & season cycle ensures that the body adjusts to the environmental changes naturally, thus maintaining your vitality & energy in all seasons. Aligning oneself with the nature also ensures vitality as it keeps you away from toxic chemicals, pollution & electromagnetic radiation which have a direct impact on hormones & biorhythms.

Mind & Physical Beauty-The Connect

Spirituality fosters positivity that promotes mental calm, thus regulating hormones. A sense of connectedness with self, selfcare, self-love & self acceptance makes you comfortable with your existence. From the body chemistry perspective, self-acceptance leads to a relaxed state of mind which further keeps body organs off-pressure. Hormones get regulated with a peaceful state that enhances the natural glow & one's magnetic presence. Conversely, emotions of anger, fear, worry show-up on the face & blow-away your charm. From body functioning perspective, these negative emotions are acidic in nature & cause inflammation, almost the same amount as caused by the junk good. Inflammation on skin shows are rashes, dull patchy skin or eczema, on hair it shows as falling lifeless brittle hair. Meditation is a good practice to keep the toxicity from negative emotions at bay!

So to summarize, those lustrous hair strands, that radiating skin, strong nails, inner vitality & energetic you is an outcome of:

Inside Selfcare to Attain

  • Free-flowing & toxin-free body internally
  • Nutritionally fulfilled body to perform at its optimal best
  • Clear bowels, smooth-working digestive system & freely breathing lungs to their full capacity
  • Flexible body & calm state of mind

Outside Selfcare 

To stimulate, massage & cleanse the outer self with anciently devised natural hygiene rituals as described in Ayurveda & Yoga Science for transforming from inside-out. This is best achieved with safe, non-harming natural ingredients that do not carry any chemicals to be supplied to the skin & overload the body with toxicity! 

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