Stay home, maintain social distance, wash your hands and maintain personal hygiene. All these words must have been engraved on your minds. Right? Coronavirus threat has allowed us to slow down and monitor our lifestyle. Our systems must be bogged down under the burden of garbage which gets accumulated by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. I am sure many of us must be feeling stressed out and coping with their health issues and this threat of virus must be assaulting minds and eventually our system.

 Let’s make space for the immunity to enhance by flushing out the impurities and ensuring better absorption of nutrients by our body, detox. Wondering how it works?

Chat on the Mat with the Founder of Svarasya, Deepti Sehgal, an internationally certified Macrobiotic & Alkaline Dietician, Wellness Coach, Ayurveda & TCM Lifestyle Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor will answer the slew of questions clouding your mind regarding Detox and Immunity.