The Svarasya Story

In a world flooded with quick-fix beauty solutions, Svarasya is a beacon of authenticity and true self-care.

Deepti Sehgal, the visionary behind Svarasya, embarked on a personal journey, healing her long-standing skin conditions through the wisdom of yoga and ancient, handmade skincare formulations devoid of any harmful chemicals. This transformative experience ignited a realization within her, that beauty is not a mere pursuit of one-product miracles; it runs much deeper.

Deepti started her journey by assisting her clients in embracing dietary shifts, incorporating Yogic and Ayurvedic practices, and utilizing her handcrafted skincare products to heal their skin conditions.

Witnessing the remarkable transformations her clients experienced through a natural approach to living and the use of her skincare line, she felt compelled to share her knowledge and passion on a larger scale.

Thus, Svarasya was born.

Svarasya believes that skincare is an incomplete endeavor without the daily practice of self-care. Its skincare formulations embody the wisdom of yore. Grains, beans, dried flowers, herbs, nuts, seeds, oils, cold-pressed butter, ghee, and milk compounds blend harmoniously to create a range of exceptional products.

The name "Svarasya" was thoughtfully chosen to encapsulate the strength of one's inner essence, radiating as exquisite beauty outwardly. "Sva," meaning "Self," and "Rasya," meaning "Essence," perfectly embody the brand's core vision—to empower women to embrace their essence through mindful living and dedicated self-care.

The Svarasya Story

At Svarasya, we invite you to embark on a transformative journey—a journey that celebrates the power of authenticity, self-care, and the natural beauty that resides within each of us. Join us as we redefine beauty, one radiant soul at a time.

Founder's Note

Dear Svarasya Community,

I began my entrepreneurial journey with Svarasya with immense joy and gratitude. I firmly believe that skincare alone cannot complete the pursuit of beauty; it is the harmonious fusion of physical, mental, and emotional well-being that truly reflects our inner essence.

Drawing from my extensive background in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Macrobiotic diet, I started a mission to educate women not only from a skincare standpoint but also from the holistic perspective of internal and external self-care. I initiated workshops and free YouTube sessions to impart this invaluable knowledge.

Moreover, I launched the podcast, "Youvana the Ageless," where I engage in enlightening conversations with experts who shed light on all facets of beauty, from within and beyond.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our vibrant Svarasya community, whose unwavering support and enthusiasm have been instrumental in propelling our mission forward. Together, let us illuminate the transformative power of self-care and redefine the notion of beauty.

With the deepest appreciation,
Deepti Sehgal

The Road Ahead

Rebranding or Why Rebranding

The impetus driving our rebranding initiative resonates with a bigger vision that goes beyond individual aspirations. It represents a pivotal milestone in our journey, as we strive to cultivate a customer base and foster a vibrant community. This transformative journey includes our commitment to transparency, authenticity, and perceptions surrounding Svarasya.

Discovering new formulations

Our brand takes great pride in unearthing and harnessing age-old formulations that hold profound value in the lives of individuals. With a commitment to empowering each person through natural and scientifically proven methods, we are on a continuous journey of exploration and collaboration with experts. This tireless pursuit of innovation ensures that our brand remains at the forefront of improvement, openness, and advanced formulations.

Workshops & More

We are diligently building a personal connection by orchestrating workshops focused on Ayurveda,
education, and yoga. Our ultimate objective extends beyond the promotion of our self-care products. It includes the enlightenment of every individual about the profound art of Ayurveda. Recognising that true success lies in accessibility, we ensure that our business transcends mere transactions by creating an environment where our customers can readily reach us.