'Our healing fastens dramatically when we begin to understand our body, the foundation of health ,& the applicability of foods the right way. When we maintain harmony with nature in our lifestyle & nourish ourselves what Earth provided us, the eternal beauty & health emerges from within!'

The Alkaline Concept

Alkalinity is the foundation of beautiful, flawless, radiant and glowing skin & can save one form a cold or a cancer! Alkalinity may be the underlying solution to skin issues, inflammation, fatigue, disturbed health, emotional upsets & chronic lifestyle disorders.


The Alkaline Workshop

Svarasya's power-packed alkaline workshop is one-of-its-kind workshop designed to empower you with the right understanding about body chemistry & incorporating alkaline foods to deal with the health & skin issues at foundational level where health issues & diseases begin to develop!


Workshop Highlights

  • Alkalinity and its relation with the body.
  • Alkaline diet principles for nourishing, satisfying, healthful and healing food choices.
  • Practical and simple ideas for implementing alkaline principles in daily routine.
  • Benefits of alkaline diet.
  • Awareness about alkaline foods.
    ⦁ Maintaining alkaline lifestyle.
  • Alkaline recipes and their powerful applicability on body & health.

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