The Detox Concept

A famous saying goes like, 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness'. While we leave no stone unturned to keep our houses & environment clean, ironically, we do everything that makes our body go unclean & toxic. As our houses demand regular cleaning, even our body craves regular cleansing. We must detox regularly! Elimination of toxins is the key to clean & clear complexion & eternal health with ample vigor & vitality.


The Detox Workshop

Toxins keep accumulating within our body every single minute as a result of leftover of internal body processes. Colon eliminates just 25% of body waste, rest 75% is still inside & not eliminated until we lead a detoxifying lifestyle.

This highly informative workshop is designed to empower you with the right understanding of detox psychology & incorporating techniques to detox regularly through dietary & lifestyle modifications.


Workshop Highlights

  • Understanding detoxification & its importance in daily life.
  • Detoxification & its connect with the body & diseases.
  • Body processes & parts that support detoxification.
  • Sources of toxin accumulation within the body./span>
  • Benefits of detoxification.
  • Adopting detoxification lifestyle.
  • Detoxification diet & recipes.

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