Are Svarasya products 100% natural?

Svarasya Skin Care line is formulated using high-quality herbs, natural butters, cold-pressed oils, essential oils, grains, beans and such natural botanical ingredients. The products are natural and vegan and high-performance range.

How quickly will I see results?

The products are formulated to keep the pH balance of skin maintained. Thus, customers of all ages have experienced great results using Svarasya products. Some of them have reported difference ust in one use itself while some have experienced skin tone and texture getting better with regular use. We recommend using the products consistently as vegan skincare products work on skin at deeper levels and may take few days to reflect great results.

Do you use preservatives in products?

We use high-quality plant-based preservatives to protect our natural formulations from yeast and mold, to avoid oils from getting rancid and to keep products fresher for a longer time.

Is Panchpushp skin hydration lotion moisturizing enough for really dry skin?

Yes, Panchpushp is made from nutrient-rich oils and natural butters that hydrate the skin without creating a greasy layer on skin. It has high absorbability to moisturize the skin from deep within. However, in case you feel extra skin dryness, apply two layers for extra hydration.

Is Panchpushp suitable for summers?

Yes, it is suitable for summers as it does not create a greasy layer on skin and gets absorbed immediately. Rather, Panchpushp can be used through-out the year for its properties to maintain skin pH balance which must be maintained in all seasons for a healthy skin.

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