The holistic approach to diet & lifestyle is what we practice & promote at Svarasya. Our personalized dietary & lifestyle consultations are a harmonious blend of the concepts adopted from Macrobiotic diet philosophy, Detoxification theory, Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary principles, Alkaline diet theory & Raw food nutrition principles. At Svarsaya, we work with clients to uncover the root cause of their health issues, versus fixing on-the-surface symptoms. Unlike modern nutrition concepts, our focus on foods does not dwell entirely on counting calories, carbohydrates or proteins, rather, the cornerstone of our nutrition practice focusses on food energy for mind-body healing.

The mind-body practice at Svarasya focusses on eliminating disease causing foods/factors from diet/lifestyle & incorporating health building & cleansing foods, focusing on organic natural living, focusing on body cleansing foods & external techniques that keep body free-flowing from within, incorporating ancient healing foods in diet, ditching harmful chemical-based foods & consuming dense nutrition from whole & natural foods, alkalizing the body, incorporating yogic postures for free-flowing body movement, practicing ancient self-care techniques for mind-body connection & understanding the connection between foods, lifestyle, human body & diseases. Our refreshing approach to diet & lifestyle is ancient & integrative, where we merge the diverse aspects of health & wellness into healing & powerful therapeutic wellness programs. Our customized dietary & lifestyle programs support body's self-healing & cleansing ability & the results begin to show up as enhanced immunity, reduced bloating, reduced weight, better skin health & better energy levels & the effects. The results keep getting better with client's dedication & persistency towards the program.

We deal in the following dietary & lifestyle consultation areas:

  • Maintaining optimal weight with whole & natural foods.
  • Controlling cravings naturally by being on right foods.
  • Maintaining beauty, skin & hair health through beautification diet & lifestyle.
  • Dealing with inflammation by replenishing necessary nutrients for body healing.
  • Dealing with fatigue, digestive & allergic disorders.
  • Practicing preventive diet & lifestyle to steer away from lifestyle disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis & cancer.

We do offer online consultation programs & help global clients get fitter, healthier, beautiful & holistic.


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