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Learn the skills you need to create healthy lasting change in your life. 

What We Do

As Personal Health and Wellness Coaches we help YOU and your FAMILY change your nutritional habits so that you all can lead healthy, active lifestyles. We motivate, guide, and share your lifetime journey, celebrating your achievements and helping you overcome challenges along the way.


We provide individually designed programs to meet your unique needs and assist you in becoming proactive in your life, eliminating unhealthy behaviors and making health and wellness a priority.


We provide our services in a variety of convenient ways. While face-to-face interaction is most popular, with electronic coaching, through the use of e-mails and instant messaging, we can be of service to you where ever you may be located.

If you’re looking for meal plans - diet or weight loss only plans (when losing weight is more important than health) or direct instructions without a lot of input from you, then I’m not the right nutritionist for you. It’s okay, there are lots of nutritionists who specialize in those areas and can help you with exactly what you're looking for.

You will learn the skills you need to understand your body and get to the root of health issues, so you can heal once and for all. If you’re looking to have a greater understanding of your health, I’m excited to work with you. 

Ditch the all-or-nothing attitude. Remember that if you want to make a change, it’s going to be a slow, steady process. Show yourself love – remember that nobody became an all-star athlete overnight; it takes practice, dedication, and mistakes along the way. When you fall of the wagon, dust yourself off, and get right back on, without making it an excuse to stay sitting in the ditch. We all have tough days (myself included), if you keep an open and positive mindset, fueled with self-love, the journey will be much easier, and much more enjoyable!




Health Coach

What is a Health Coach? Just like a sports coach helps shape behaviors to improve his team, I help shape my client's behavior to help him or her manage their health, and the lifestyle choices they make that affect their health. Among those managed activities will be eating, drinking, smoking, exercise, sleep and other habits people have developed that need improvement. Most of my focus is on wellness, and maintaining wellness - as opposed to most other patient advocates who are focused on helping a patient transition through a medical problem

For many, movement can be a matter of life and death. A significant portion of Americans are at risk for deadly, but entirely preventable diseases due to sedentary lifestyles. As an ACE Certified Health Coach, you will move people to adopt healthy, long-term, sustainable behaviors that can change the course of their lives.

CLEAN & SIMPLE HEALTH - I help people reach and maintain their ideal weight and optimal wellness by incorporating CLEAN & SIMPLE, holistic healthy lifestyle choices. Clients take long-lasting positive actions that help them reach their wellness goals to get on track with a balanced, flourishing life!

Whether you are a certified health and fitness professional, a nurse, a registered dietitian, a wellness program director or somewhere in between, earning the ACE Health Coach Certification will prepare you to facilitate healthy lifestyle changes for individuals and groups through physical-activity guidance, nutritional education and behavior-change coaching. Becoming an ACE Health Coach can boost your career – and allow you to better the lives of those in your community. To start your journey toward certification, make sure you meet the pre-requisite requirements for becoming an ACE Certified Health Coach prior to sitting for the exam.

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