Rather, I believe certain foods should be moderated and respected for the effect they can have on the body, preferably eaten on rare occasions, without guilt or self-judgment. The foods that fall into this category are those containing refined sugars or grains, hydrogenated oils, additives, colorants, artificial flavors, MSG, and boxed or packaged products that tout “health claims” (an apple never had to defend that it was healthy, I find it fishy when packages are loaded with slogans and sayings about how healthy they are…).

I work closely with my clients, teaching them about whole food (aka real/unprocessed) plant-based nutrition, helping them transition toward healthy lifestyle habits. I consider all areas of their lives, providing personalized recommendations for physical activity, sleep, and stress management – as well as practical organizational and cooking tools. Empowering and supporting them toward optimal health and wellbeing. I offer two health programs;  the first, Introductory Program, is ideal for people who are seeking information to get started and tools to equip them for their journey, and who intend to manage their progress on their own. The second, Complete 3-month Program, is an extended and highly personalized program – for those seeking ongoing customized guidance, and support, for long-lasting results.








P U R E & SIMPLE Nutrition specializes in whole-foods focused nutritional consulting with compassion and a non-judgemental approach. No diets, no magic pills, no one-size-fits-all. Just real, wholesome foods, and practical guidance on how to love and nourish your unique and awesome body to achieve optimal health and vitality in a lasting and sustainable way. We are all about the long-term change!  





of protein powders. My suggestion is to go plant-based by choosing a protein powder that has sprouted, organic proteins coming from plants like hemp, rice, quinoa, and pea. These powders should also be free of artificial flavors and refined sugars. One of my favorites is North Coast Naturals – they have high quality plant-based proteins as well as a high quality whey protein for those that can tolerate dairy. One note on protein powders – they should be a supplement in your diet, that you have when you need an extra bit of easy protein, they shouldn’t become a daily staple to replace whole foods. I learnt this lesson the hard way by falling into the habit of consuming protein powder on a daily basis for a period of time, and it didn’t take my body long to develop an intolerance (leaving me with an unhappy tummy), so my suggestion is to vary your proteins and use the powders intermittently!






I believe that healthy food can not only make you F E E L fantastic but T A S T E delicious too! I love taking indulgent recipes and altering them to increase the nutritional value without sacrificing the flavour or beauty. My kitchen is the place where I always feel the most relaxed and creating delicious, healthy meals is the best therapy for me! Work aside, I am married to a wonderful husband, and a mom to two very spoiled cats… no kiddies just yet! I love, let me repeat, LOVE to travel, stay active, spend quality time with my friends and family, and I try to truly enjoy the blessings of each day by keeping the ‘Big Guy Upstairs’ at the center of my life!


What is the Nutrition in the Kitch food philosophy? Hmmm…If I could sum this up into just a few words: simple, whole, and balanced. It’s been quite the journey for me over the years – I’ve come from eating crappy foods almost all the time (in my teen years and early 20’s) to becoming a lot more aware of what fueled me (when I started in the nutrition field), to getting a little obsessive about healthy eating, in a not so great way … to now, finding a place of balance and openness. I’ve learnt that, well, I will always be learning, there is always new research, new discoveries, and new perspectives on nutrition, so I try to look at every eating philosophy with an open mind then through my own research and personal experience, decide if it’s something that fits my own philosophy. I believe in keeping food simple, and fresh, with minimal ingredients – whole and unrefined, resembling the way it came out of the earth … plant or animal, and I believe in balance – for me, this means once a week I go out with my hubby for a delicious and indulgent dinner, and a few glasses of wine. Or, once in a while I buy a tub of Coconut Bliss ice cream and eat it right out of the container with a spoon! Simple, whole, and balanced is the NITK philosophy.



If you have been waiting for a sign to get your health back, sleep deeply, feel peaceful, enjoy all kinds of wonderful food this world has to offer, and truly feel like the BOMB in your own glowing skin…THIS IS IT!

We mergerd foods with self-care & skin care...why because you are what you eat & feed your skin what you eat...

t’s always best to start slow, and gradually change your habits. The all-or-nothing attitude typically doesn’t end well, change takes time, and so does your body to adjust. My recommendation is to start by reducing the intake of processed foods. Look in your fridge and pantry, and slowly start to phase out the use of processed and boxed products – when you prepare your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, aim to make your meal 80% whole foods – that means the components resemble how they came out of the earth – i.e. whole vegetables, fruits, sweet potatoes, rice, steel cut oats, whole chicken breast (not pre-cooked 20% meat protein chicken, the real thing!), eggs, fish, lemon, lime, dried herbs, sea salt, peppercorn etc. The less you consume food that has been processed, the less you will consume the additives, preservatives, refined sugars, and chemicals that come along with them! Once you feel you’ve got the hang of this, look at what you are drinking … cut out juices (unless freshly squeezed), soda, coffee, and black tea, and replace it with pure, fresh, simple water! 2-3 liters a day is ideal. Once you get here, give yourself a huge pat on the back because you’ve made a big change for the better, and you should definitely notice it in the way you feel

For SKin Care-SKin is not just is responsible for performing many we created sskin care & healing from within...

For Self-Care

For Disease Prevention-

For Allergies-

For holistic living-

For weight loss-

For healthy body-

Again, this comes back to my philosophy of simple, whole, and balanced.


 Julie has helped hundreds of thousands of people enjoy great-tasting, allergy-free foods while boosting their body’s healing process


That’s where YOU come in! I love to help women experience freedom with food and find an enjoyable, non-restrictive, and attainable way of eating that helps them feel energized, joyful, happy-in-their-own-skin, and embrace the most amazing version of themselves.

What foods should I be eating? This is a loaded question! I truly believe that everyone is biochemically unique, and no one diet fits all, therefore, it’s important to pay attention to how different foods affect you personally. I suggest people pay particular attention to how their body reacts dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, and eggs, as these are the most common offenders. Generally I recommend consuming plenty of fresh vegetables throughout the day, a variety of fruits (in season if possible!), raw nuts and seeds (allergies aside), a moderate amount of healthy fat sources like avocado, nuts/seeds, natural nut butters, coconut in all shapes and forms, and olive oil, as well as moderate amounts of organic meats (local if possible), wild fish, and free-range organic eggs (again, allergies aside), and small amounts of natural, unrefined sugars like dates, raw honey, pure maple syrup, and coconut palm sugar. When it comes to complex carbohydrates I recommend staying away from wheat products as they are generally over processed, and instead stick with unrefined grains like quinoa, brown rice, spelt (if your body tolerates gluten), millet, buckwheat, and oats!



Why did you start Nutrition in the Kitch? I’ve had the habit of snapping pictures of whatever I’m eating for quite some time, and I used to just post these pictures to Facebook. After plenty of different people suggested I just start a blog, I decided to go ahead and do it! It was the perfect way to share healthy meal ideas with others who wanted to know “what a Nutrition Expert eats”! This was the beginning of NITK – It’s so interesting to see how my blog has evolved since the beginning!





What is your mission for Nutrition in the Kitch? As a nutrition expert I understand how confusing the whole world of nutrition can seem to most. All these different diet fads – eat this, not that, never that, but wait.. actually eat this, no, not that anymore, now this! It’s always changing and it can seem overwhelming. My goal is to simplify it as much as possible by sharing recipes that are healthy with an explanation as to why they are healthy, and what benefits they provide! My mission is also to inspire people to get into their kitchens and cook! The idea of cooking can be daunting but I do my best to publish simple recipes (I love dishes that have minimal ingredients) that will get even the most novice of cooks excited to be in the best room of the house! I