Technology has amazingly connected the world & has disastrously disconnected humans from their own selves. The result has been, fame, power and position at the cost of direct bargain with one’s health and wellness. Today, the corporate employees are highly susceptible to diseases. High pressure jobs, stress, 24/7 working culture, eating out, sedentary lifestyles, indoor living, high exposure to gadgets and radiation, expectations to stretch beyond limits, struggle to balance work & life and the will to excel, is what a corporate employees’ life revolves around!

Svarasya's corporate training programs one-of-its kind programs bridging the gap between modern health issues & the holistic principles adopted from the ancient literatures of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Science & Macrobiotics. Svarasya corporate workshops & trainings are designed to analyze the corporate lifestyles & creating awareness about the foundations of real health & well-being. The purpose of talking about traditional health & wellness principles is to create awareness that the lives of corporate employees are totally anti-nature and disastrous, the consequences of which are visible in the health states of people.

Our corporate workshops specifically address the diet, health & lifestyle disasters that corporate employees unknowingly commit each single day. It empowers employees to stop, think and act sensibly to be able to maintain their health & well-being in the long run. Our corporate trainings are an effort to educate & create awareness about right ways to eat, detox, move body, be away from stress, understand self & body functioning & living life in harmony with nature.

Precisely, Svarasya corporate workshops emphasize on a preventive lifestyle based on excerpts adopted from the holistic ancient cultures of the world including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics & Yoga Science. Our workshops bridge the gap between modern lifestyle problems (such as stress, back pain, silent killers like diabetes & high blood pressure etc), & the ancient way of understand them to adopt a holistic living approach in professional & personal life.

Svarasya corporate trainings span around: 

  • Creating awareness about holistic health, diet & wellness concepts.
  • Yoga classes for lifestyle disorders including high blood pressure, stress, back pain etc.

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