Deepti Sehgal is an internationally certified Macrobiotic Dietitian, internationally certified Alkaline Diet Coach, Detox Specialist & a Natural & Raw Foods Nutritionist.

Deepti deals in various holistic theories related to food & diet. Her dietary practice revolves around whole & natural foods & is a medley of ancient food principles adopted from the oldest ancient cultures of the world including Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Yoga Science.

Deepti is an ICF (International Coach federation) Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach & a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. She is also Masters in Yoga & Science of Living & a trained Yoga instructor who creatively blends right foods & right yogic principles to create holistic health programs. 

By virtue of her education & knowledge in ancient holistic sciences, Deepti has culminated the self-care approach that is based on the global ancient holistic principles adopted from Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Science & Ayurveda.

With Svarasya Deepti intends to 'Revive the Ancient Art of Beauty, Selfcare, Health & Wellness'', by helping people adopt an ancient approach to life as a whole as described in the ancient literatures. Her aim is to spread awareness about a beautiful life anyone can lead by adhering self to the laws of nature & living natural & organic in all arenas of life! Deepti truly believes, 'The future belongs to the 'Ancient', because 'Modern is Sickening & it is Proven'!


With a firm belief in the concept of 'Ancient Self-Care' as a divine route to eternal health, well-being & radiant beauty, Deepti founded Svarasya. She strongly believes self-care & self-connect is the most neglected & underestimated area of our being in a fast-moving world today, & this art must be revived & practiced consciously as an important aspect of living for complete mind-body nourishment, healing & beauty.

The seeds of thought about creating a pure authentic skin-care range emerged when Deepti healed a decade-old eczema of one of her clients with a blend of holistic diet approach on the inside, & pure, authentic botanical skin-care on the outside.

Her deep interest lies in creating a blend of solutions around the idea of 'Transformation Inside Out', through cleansing, healing & beautifying foods, artful yoga, pure botanical skin-care line & organic living products.

Deepti is a firm believer in the time-honored remedies & the power of botanicals, based of which she formulated authentic, pure, high-quality & naturally luxurious botanical skincare formulations with effective earthy ingredients. 


Deepti's multi-faced profile comprises that of a holistic Macrobiotic diet consultant, entrepreneur, holistic health & wellness coach, botanical & authentic skin-care formulator, author, speaker, holistic health & wellness trainer, educator, whole & natural foods chef instructor, yoga Instructor & natural foods meal planner.

From taking one-to-one whole & natural nutrition consultations globally, to creating whole & natural foods meal plans, to offering healing plant-based cookery classes & workshops on various healing concepts such as detox recipes, alkaline recipes, fiber-rich recipes, Macrobiotic recipes, Deepti deals in a host of food & diet-related activities. Her dietary practice is majorly based on a wide variety of whole & natural foods including vegetables, whole grains, legumes, whole soy foods, fruits, nuts and seeds. She actively educates women, children, schools & corporates about how plant-based dietary approach can improve health drastically by boosting energy levels, supporting healthy weight, aiding digestion, maintaining hormonal balance & to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. Her skillfully crafted nutrition & lifestyle programs are a blend of ancient food philosophies & yoga science for achieving specific health goals through inside-out transformation. Deepti creates awareness about how human body functions, how foods create or destroy health, importance of living in harmony with nature & ancient diet & lifestyle, right foods, right cooking techniques & right body movement through her writings, blogs & book. She frequently conducts trainings, workshops, cookery classes & various other holistic nutritional programs in the arena of holistic ancient approach to diet, lifestyle, organic living, beauty & skin-care.



Prior to the career shift as a Macrobiotic Dietician, Deepti spent eleven years in the IT industry as a Technical Documentation Writer. During this time, Deepti realized a direct connect between mindless fight between power & fame, & lifestyle disorders amongst people. Before stepping-in into her passion in holistic diet, lifestyle & self-care, she witnessed the way the technologists, management staff, women employees & all associated staff neglects their health unknowingly by not caring for self & performing daily acts of negligence towards  their health & well-being. This negligence silently culminates into a havoc a few years later! At corporates, it is a common trend to keep ignoring or suppressing subtle body signals & health issues, & someday 'The Health' surprises people in its most chronic form, that the world terms as lifestyle disorders.

Realizing the truth behind modern standards of living, there came a point where Deepti's true passion for living well transformed into a never-ending path in holistic health & wellness, natural lifestyle, holistic sciences & botanical skin-care. She herself went through a drastic transformation by adopting a self-care holistic approach of diet, yoga, self-care, healing cooking techniques.

Now Deepti intends to revive this holistic art of living well through different programs & products under her brand Svarasya. 



  • Internationally-Certified Macrobiotic Dietician
  • ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner 
  • Internationally Certified Acid-Alkaline (pH Health) Diet Coach
  • Internationally Certified Detox Specialist
  • Internationally Certified Raw Food Nutritionist
  • Master in Yoga & Science of Living & Certified Yoga Instructor
  • Post-Graduate in Masters in Computer Application (MCA)