Svarasya's health & wellness coaching helps you discover what dietary theory works best for you. It is about helping you achieve your health goals by taking small steady steps towards achievement.

Our health & wellness coaching is about guiding you step-by-step to bring positive lifestyle & dietary changes & transform life into a healthier lifestyle. We guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. We hand-hold you towards a path of gradual progress towards achieving holistic health & incorporating lifelong lifestyle changes as preventive health measure.

We provide Health & wellness coaching in the following areas:

  • Achieving & maintaining wellness.
  • Preventing & reversing lifestyle disorders (by altering diet & lifestyle).
  • Weight loss coaching.
  • Dense nutrition as a lifestyle (altering food choices).
  • Exercising right.


The approach to our health & wellness coaching programs are based on:

  • Setting achievable goals in small steps to achieve the final health goal.
  • Working on tuning self with the body clock.
  • Working on understanding body requirements & setting health goals accordingly.
  • Focusing on personal hygiene.
  • Getting organized & taking care of self.
  • Focusing on fitness & wellness versus only weight loss.
  • Working on reducing cravings through dense nutrition.
  • Working on increasing energy levels.
  • Working on learning about healing foods in diet & incorporating them as a lifestyle.
  • Adopting effective nutrition & lifestyle strategies including planning, shopping & cooking healthy meals.


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