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If you live far away or are unable to attend the Enlightened Eating Through the Seasons food classes in person you can purchase the recipes in a PDF format. These are some of my best tried and true recipes, and are mostly new (not found in The New Enlightened Eating recipe book). For more about the philosophy behind the wisdom of eating plant-based whole foods through the seasons see

All of the recipes are vegan and gluten free. The raw recipes are indicated with a ‘R’.


  • nourishing tea infusion
  • dandelion chai w/ simple homemade hemp milk  R
  • kvass (a fermented beet elixir)  R
  • breakfast in a jar  R
  • choucroute (an old french recipe for lacto-fermented vegetables)
  • multi-grain sourdough bread (gluten-free)
  • garlic and herb foccacia (raw and gluten-free)   R
  • winter salad with cultured vegetables
  • hearty tempeh chili w/ polenta
  • wilted parmesan kale  R
  • brown rice with wakame
  • simple flax crackers  R
  • herbed cashew ‘cheese’   R
  • coconut macaroons w/chocolate icing  R
  • homemade natural deodorant
  • horsetail hair rinse
  • cinnamint tooth powder
  • starting your garden plants indoors                    



  • kombucha lemonade  R
  • fresh pressed juice with dandelion greens  R
  • almond mineral elixir  R
  • almond toast R
  • amazing seed bread (a.k.a. life changing loaf)
  • wild greens pesto  R
  • sweet potato butter
  • minty pea and spinach soup  R
  • korean pancakes
  • kimchi  R
  • spring salad with edible flowers  R
  • spring heaven on earth bowl
  • gomasio  R
  • zesty lemon chia pudding  R
  • lime mousse parfait  R
  • chocolate nut butter cups  R
  • chive flower infused apple cider vinegar
  • herb and wild plant infused oil for hair treatment
  • herbal tincture featuring dandelion root                
  • how to make kombucha                                            
  • soil amendments
  • comfrey compost tea                                       



  • mint lemonade
  • dill dip with fresh kohlrabi slices   R
  • awesome kale chips  R
  • mike’s amazing nappa with creamy asian dressing  R                        
  • nut ‘n seed parmesan  R
  • summer salad meal with cheesy cauliflower, olives and marjoram
  • marinated zucchini noodles with tomato basil sauce, dried baby tomatoes & garlic portobello meatless balls R
  • mid-summer salad  R
  • quinoa tabbouleh  R
  • cilantro tempeh
  • living berry ice cream  R
  • fermented dill pickles
  • herb infused jojoba facial oil
  • herbal tinctures featuring feverfew tincture
  • wild plant green smoothie powder


sauerkraut and Kvass 003

  • fall root and apple fresh juice  R
  • spiced peach and sorrel smoothie  R
  • golden almond milk  R
  • fresh almond milk  R
  • fresh hemp milk  R
  • coco-cacao muesli with speedy nut milk  R
  • baba ganoush
  • fall garden veggie rolls with tahini chili sauce  R
  • cheesy potato cauliflower bake
  • squash, beans & greens heaven on earth bowl
  • cultured vegetable slaw  R
  • basic brown bread  R
  • apple pie with cinnamon-pecan streusel  R
  • apple-raisin cookies  R
  • basic cultured vegetables  R
  • soothing skin salve
  • fall soil amendments                      

R – Raw