Luxurious botanical elixirs, authentic skin food, pure skin-indulgence, exotic floral essences, dense skin-nutrition & formulations alive with cosmic botanical intelligence... 

...This is what defines Svarasya's luxurious & authentic skincare line.






Instilling our ancient values & beliefs in our products, Svarasya's transformational skin-care line originated with an unshakable belief in clean organic beauty blossoming from authentic pure ingredients blessed to humans by nature. 



Svarasya's luxurious elixirs are beautifully knitted in daily regime collections that deep cleanse, stimulate, improve circulation, scrub off dead skin cells, deeply nourish & heal the skin with their living botanical energy.  

Svarasya's skin-care line is inspired by the skin-care techniques, ingredients, rituals & regimes of three oldest ancient cultures of the world including Ayurveda, Oriental & Egyptian. Each timeless skin elixir narrates a story of its ancient existence & relevance. Through our skin-care range, we intend to revive the calming & purifying skin-care rituals of the ancient times. We intend to bring back to life the earthy ingredients brimming with pure cosmic healing energies & recreate the luxurious self-care aura of the royals. Our skincare line revives the royal luxury of soaking-up into the purity of botanicals & pure natural floral/herbal/spice essences. We also intend to honor the time-tested ancient skincare formulations from across the globe, be it Indian grandma's herb & spicy skincare secrets or the Japanese grandma's potions to porcelain-smooth complexion. Svaraya intends to take forward this ancient global skin-care legacy of ancient Indians by reviving herb, spice & grain-based formulations; Ancient Orientalists by reviving staple ancient skin-care remedies of ancient Japanese, Chinese & Koreans; Ancient Egyptians by reviving luxurious floral & clay-based bath & skin-care formulations. Our luxurious & authentic formulations capture the botanical life force in its original form without tampering with the powers of these natural skin-potions.

Earth-authentic heavenly ingredients including herbs, grains, nuts, legumes, beans, seeds, barks, roots, flowers, mineral-rich purified clays and naturally processed oils form our foundational ingredients to create pure, authentic & luxurious skin-care line. Blended with sensuous aromatherapy oils, these skin elixirs are highly effective in cleansing, healing & stimulating the skin with purity.

We believe Svarasya's Radiant Beauty must radiate a cosmic, botanically infused, authentic beauty for true beauty transformation.

Svarasya's holistic natural skincare studio is one-of-its kind concept where we approach skin-care & beauty from the inside-out perspective through practices as mentioned in Ayurveda, Yoga Science & Traditional Chinese medicine.

At Svarasya skin-care studio we help you understand your beauty from various holistic perspectives & help you adopt a skincare lifestyle based on specific skin-requirements. Our skin-care studio helps you achieve beauty from inside by taking care of yourself with authentic botanical ingredients, correcting dietary patterns & lifestyle, & by incorporating beauty-enhancing yoga postures in routine.

Skincare activities at our skincare studio:

  • Ancient skincare workshops covering nutrition, detoxification, beauty yoga & botanical skin-care topics.

  • Personalized skin-care consultations, understanding skin-type, skincare with calming & healing therapies, ancient rituals, regimes, beauty foods, nutrition & yoga.

  • Ancient skin-care & beauty coaching.

The holistic approach to diet & lifestyle is what we practice & promote at Svarasya. Our personalized dietary & lifestyle consultations are a harmonious blend of the concepts adopted from Macrobiotic diet philosophy, Yogic detoxification concepts, Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine dietary principles, Alkaline diet theory & Raw food nutrition principles. At Svarsaya, we work with clients to uncover the root cause of their health issues, versus fixing on-the-surface symptoms. Unlike modern nutrition concepts, our focus on foods does not dwell entirely on counting calories, carbohydrates & proteins, rather, the cornerstone of our nutrition practice is:

  • Utilizing food energy for mind-body healing.
  • Eliminating disease causing foods from the diet & incorporating health building & cleansing foods.
  • Focusing on organic natural living.
  • Focusing on body cleansing foods & external techniques that keep body free-flowing from within.
  • Incorporating ancient healing foods in diet.
  • Eliminating harmful chemical-based foods & consuming dense nutrition from whole & natural foods.
  • Alkalizing the body.
  • Incorporating yogic postures for flexible body movement.
  • Practicing ancient self-care techniques for mind-body connection.
  • Understanding the connection between foods, lifestyle, human body & diseases.

Our refreshing approach to diet & lifestyle is ancient & integrative, where we merge the diverse aspects of health & wellness into healing & powerful therapeutic wellness programs. Our customized dietary & lifestyle programs support body's self-healing & cleansing ability & the results begin to show up as enhanced immunity, reduced bloating, reduced weight, better skin health & better energy levels. The mind & body health begins to get better with client's dedication & persistency towards the program.

We deal in the following dietary & lifestyle consultation areas:

  • Maintaining optimal weight with whole & natural foods.

  • Controlling cravings naturally by being on right foods.

  • Maintaining beauty, skin & hair health through beautification diet & lifestyle.

  • Dealing with inflammation by replenishing necessary nutrients for body healing.

  • Dealing with fatigue, digestive & allergic disorders.

  • Practicing preventive diet & lifestyle to steer away from lifestyle disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis & cancer.

Svarasya cookery workshops & classes are a blend of healing concepts based on following holistic diet theories:

  • Macrobiotic cooking
  • Ayurveda cooking
  • Cooking for detoxification
  • Alkaline cooking
  • Fermentation classes
  • Cooking with microgreens
  • Raw food nutrition
  • Other healing cookery concepts

The idea here is to transform the self with the ancient art of cooking as was practiced by ancient global cultures of the world in countries like India, Japan, Korea, Thailand & others cultures who have their meals based on natural foods.

Please Note: Our cookery programs are completely based on whole & natural foods that cleanse, heal, nourish & create transformation from inside-out.  


Technology has amazingly connected the world, but has disastrously disconnected humans from their own selves. The result has been, fame, power and position at the cost of direct bargain with one’s health and wellness.

Today, the corporate employees are highly susceptible to diseases. High pressure jobs, stress, 24/7 working culture, eating out, sedentary lifestyles, indoor living, high exposure to gadgets and radiation, expectations to stretch beyond limits, struggle to balance work & life and the will to excel, is what corporate employees’ life revolves around!

Svarasya corporate trainings are an effort to educate & create awareness about right ways to eat, detox, move body, be away from stress, understand self & one's body functioning & living life in harmony with nature. Precisely Svarasya corporate workshops emphasize on a preventive lifestyle based on excerpts adopted from the holistic ancient cultures of the world including Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics & Yoga Science.

Our one-of-its-kind corporate workshops are designed to bridge the gap between modern health & lifestyle issues (such as stress, back pain, silent killers like diabetes & high blood pressure etc) & the ancient holistic way of life as emphasized by the ancient literatures of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Science & Macrobiotics. The purpose of emphasizing on traditional health & wellness principles is to create awareness that the lives of corporate employees are many-a-times anti-nature and disastrous, the consequences of which are visible in their health states frequently. Our workshops specifically address the diet, health & lifestyle disasters that corporate employees unknowingly commit each single day. It empowers employees to stop, think and act sensibly to be able to maintain their health & wellbeing in the long run.

Svarasya's series of corporate health training programs include following topics: 

  • How employees create their diseases?

  • How can an employee lead a holistic lifestyle in a corporate set-up?

  • How one can take control of self before chronic health issues arise?

  • What do subtle health signs such as allergies, fatigue, cold, cough, migraines etc indicate about future health of an employee?
The scope of our corporate trainings includes: 
  • Educatory holistic health, dietary & wellness workshops & trainings.
  • Yoga classes for acute health issues including high blood pressure, stress, back pain etc.


Our health & wellness coaching is about helping you achieve your health goals by taking small steady steps towards achievement. At Svarasya, we guide you step-by-step to bring positive lifestyle & dietary changes. 

We provide Health & wellness coaching in the following areas:

  • Holistic beauty & skincare consultation.
  • Achieving & maintaining wellness.
  • Preventing & reversing lifestyle disorders (by altering diet & lifestyle).
  • Weight loss coaching.
  • Dense nutrition as a lifetsyle (altering food choices).
  • Exercising right.

The approach to our health & wellness coaching programs is based on:

  • Setting small, steady & achievable goals.
  • Working on tuning self with the body clock.
  • Working on understanding body requirements while setting health goals.
  • Focusing on personal hygiene.
  • Getting organized & taking care of self.
  • Focusing on fitness & wellness versus only weight loss.
  • Working on reducing cravings through dense nutrition.
  • Working on increasing energy levels.
  • Working on learning & incorporating healthy healing foods as a lifestyle shift.
  • Adopting effective nutrition & lifestyle strategies including planning, shopping & cooking healthy meals.

    'Body & Mind Transformation the Ancient Way' authored by Deepti Sehgal, is a revolutionary book that covers foundational health & wellness topics that have never been talked about so collaboratively in any health & wellness book.

    This book delves into the health state of humans in modern times, & alongside, puts across the traditional viewpoints on health & well-being adopted from ancient literatures of Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda. This book strongly justifies why ancient healing practices understood human body & health far better than how it is perceived today. It explains how preventive healing was practiced by various ancient cultures of the world globally, way before modernization made the world sick!  

    This book forever transforms many of our commonly held beliefs about sickness, health & well-being. It empowers you to know and understand yourself inside out, and how your body intricately performs to the tunes of nature. It unfolds the ancient art of working on oneself for lasting health, wellness, energy, beauty, radiance and weight-loss, all in a single shot!







    Svarasya Online Yoga Studio is a space that talks everything about yoga science, health, anatomy, physiology, beauty, body movement, yogic postures, body alignment, diseases & the mind! This section holds special relevance from the perspective of body strengthening, muscle & body beautification, detox through breathing & attaining a beautifying peace & calm.

    Svarasya intends to take this persona to a different level where the online yoga studio will be a perfect blend of theme based online yoga classes, live sessions & a lot of yoga knowledge base for health, wellness, self-care & beauty!

    Svarasya's 'Organic Beauty Living', is an initiative to explore organic labels & make organic beautifying & selfcare products available on this platform. We intend to source natural, pure, authentic food & lifestyle products on this platform to support natural & eco-friendly living.

    EcoFemme feminine care is one such Svarasya initiative, where we have associated with the manufacturers of eco-living cotton based sanitary napkins to switch back to the ancient & health-friendly feminine care. We intend to add on a variety of organic living products under this initiative overtime.