From our authentic luxurious collection of organic grains, beans, flowers, herbs, spice-based skin-hair-body care range consisting of organic cold pressed oils & face & body-care ubtans, herb infused products & steam-distilled pure essential oils, to the...

...Goodness & healing powers of whole & natural foods

...Yogic wisdom, beautiful & beautifying yoga postures & movements

...Sensuousness of authentic aromatherapy fragrances

...Luxurious, detoxifying & cleansing regimes, bathing rituals, ancient self-care practices & naturopathy therapies revived from ancient self-care traditions...

...Svarasya blends all in its offerings for a truly holistic health-beauty-wellness experience.                      

Svarasya's existence revolves around the concept of 'Transformation Inside -Out the ancient way'.

We consider 'Ancient Self-Care' as an important medium to transform from within. At Svarasya the concept of ancient self-care is inspired by the ancient concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics (the food energy philosophy), Yoga Science, Aromatherapy & Naturopathy.








At Svarasya, we believe in creating beauty, health & wellness from within, logically because...

...On the inside we are what we eat, digest, assimilate & absorb!

...On the outside we are the way we self-care & maintain our body, mind & soul!

Svarasya's philosophy to transform from inside-out is backed by our mission to 'Revive the Ancient Art of self-care, beauty, health & wellness' & blending it with modern lifestyles for mind-body bliss inside-out.

We are a revolutionary one-of-its-kind concept, where 'Transformation Inside-Out' is achieved by honoring & dedicating oneself daily to 'Ancient Self-Care' that impacts our being at mind-body level. Our approach to ancient self-care is centered around nurturing and healing the self to enhance the quality of life by perfecting the health of the minutest unit of our body - A Cell, that is born with its own wisdom & can collectively make or break our existence! 

Principles of 'Transformation Inside-Out', that we believe in: 

  • Honor the laws of nature & live the way nature created us
  • Trust nature, it heals, nourishes & beautifies
  • There is no bigger healing force than nature itself
  • Take time to nurture & pamper yourself
  • Create clean & simple health with nature's foods
  • Cook for healing & nourishment; Health & beauty will follow 
  • Honor your beauty & honor nature; Go natural
  • Live back the ancient concepts of Dincharya, rituals, regimes & self-care as meditations for self-love
  • Trust nature's botanical intelligence to beautify the self
  • Feed your skin what you eat
  • Connect with yourself, adopt the Yogic approach to mind-body connect
  • Live organic & support eco-friendly living 


Svarasya's approach to 'Transformation Inside-Out' is inspired by the global ancient literatures & traditions of the world including Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga Science & Ayurveda.

Our vision is to create a one-of-its-kind transformation inside-out ecosystem as illustrated below:


Dense Nutrition

Whole & Natural Foods

Yoga Postures

Dincharya - The Routine


Beautifying Foods

Skin Stimulation

Massaging Techniques    

Beauty Regimes

Bathing Rituals

Ancient Skin-Care Concepts

Ancient & Aromatherapy Skin-Care Products

Health & Wellness

Lifestyle Alterations

Detoxification Techniques

Alkaline Diet


Educatory Workshops

Awareness About Body Functioning & How Foods Impact

Organic Living Product Line

Alkaline Cookery Classes 

Raw Food Cookery Classes

Fermentation Cookery Classes  



Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)


Holistic Health Coaching