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Kiyomeru is a soap-free, vegan, deep skin-cleansing formulation. Revived from the ancient Japanese era, Kiyomeru means to purify, cleanse, purge & ward off impurities for a clear complexion. True to its meaning, the Kiyomeru formulation has beautified Japanese women since ages. A gentle deep pore cleanser, Kiyomeru removes impurities from the deepest layers of the skin. Its non-greasy natural oils are easily absorbed into the skin, protecting skin from aging. The natural mineral content of the cleanser helps to deal with acne scars & blackheads effectively. Safe for daily use. Kiyomeru soap-free cleanser is appropriate for all skin types & is complete skin food for a clean complexion.

Quantity: 100 gms

Sukurabu in Japanese signifies 'Scrubbing'. It is an ancient skincare elixir revived from Japanese Geisha’s self-care tradition. Sukurabu helps preserve skin's youthfulness & protects against cellular damage due to nearly 70 antioxidants that it constitutes. A gentle yet deep exfoliating face scrub, it removes impurities & dead skin cells to reveal satin-smooth complexion. The natural non-greasy oils are absorbed extremely well in the skin. The after-effect of this scrub is a deep & lustrous gleam. The natural mineral content in the ingredients helps heal sun-damaged skin. Sukurabu is great for all skin types. It is safe for daily use.

Quantity: 100 gms


Note: You can add any Face Masque in this kit in place of Face wash or Scrub by paying additional Rs.100. Please reach out to us @ +91-9971321001 for more details.