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'The State of Your Intestinal Flora Reflects on the Skin as Clear, Radiant Complexion, Lustrous Hair & a Svelte Body!'

Sauerkraut means 'sour cabbage', which is traditionally lacto-fermented cabbage highly valued for its super-nutrition for a radiant skin & energetic body. Raw unpasturized Sauerkraut rebalances the digestive eco-system by supplying dramatically high number of probiotics coming from the various strains of lactic-acid bacteria (good gut-bacteria), including 'Leuconostoc Mesenteroides', 'Lactobacillus Plantarum', 'Pediococcus Pentosaceus' & 'Lactobacillus Brevis'. Research published in the 'Journal of Investigative Dermatology' suggests that healthy gut bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract heals the inflamed skin & makes it radiant from within. As per modern research, probiotic foods are considered instrumental in helping create healthy skin cells & a toned body. The future of skincare brightly looks forward to Sauerkraut for a clear complexion, svelte body, energetic body & a balanced mind!

Svarasya's Sauerkraut is a miracle beauty food made from 100% organic cabbage & sea salt & traditionally lacto-fermented under controlled temperatures. It possesses distinctively natural sour flavor. When consumed daily, it aids the digestive system with probiotics, B vitamins & and live enzymes, all of which are known to be the precursors for beautiful skin & healthy hair. Sauerkraut aids healthy digestion & strong immunity, the two aspects of health directly related to how we look & feel! It helps remove toxins effectively out of the system, balances body pH levels & heals body inflammation, greatly enhancing your energy levels, balancing hormone secretions & fast-forwarding the cell repair mechanism. This optimal internal state of health reflects on the outside as eternal radiance, clear skin, fewer breakouts & a pure clean complexion. Sauerkraut aids weight-loss by breaking & excreting body toxicity out of the digestive tract.

At Svarasya, Sauerkraut is an inside-out beauty food for internal cleanliness & self-care that makes skin fabric (the skin cells) become cleaner, clearier, vibrant & radiant from within. 

Shelf-Life: Sauerkraut has a long shelf-life, up to an year or more if kept refrigerated. The mature Sauerkraut becomes, tangier, softer, more delicious & richer in probiotic bacteria.

Consumption: Sauerkraut can be consumed with meals as pickle, can be topped on salads for tangy flavor or simply added to your smoothies. About two teaspoons, thrice a day with meals will ensure a good amount of microbiota in your digestive tract. 

Please Note: Our Sauerkraut is prepared traditionally through the lacto-fermentation process using sea salt, mineral water & organic vegetables. It is 100% chemical & preservative free probiotic range of raw, naturally preserved, easily digestible, rich in friendly bacteria, enzyme-rich & delicious range of vegetables.

Sauerkraut must be consumed daily for drastically visible beauty, skin & health results. However, avoid consuming fermented foods if you are histamine intolerant. Some common histamine intolerance symptoms include severe allergies, face swelling, nasal congestion, hives, anxiety, red watery eyes, heartburn or irritability.

Fermented cabbage is great for complexion & helps improve the skin texture drastically. The beauty nutrition in Sauerkraut transforms the body chemistry with following nutrients:

Probiotics: Sauerkraut is super-rich in probiotics that strengthen the immune system. Probiotics in Sauerkraut populate gut with good bacteria & keep stomach lining healthy, that reduces bloating, constipation, gas, acidity & other digestive issues & helps  helping maintain a trimmer waist & optimal weight. Probiotics aid better delivery of nutrients to skin. The good gut bacteria is responsible for producing three B vitamins including biotin, folate and vitamin B12 which are involved in energy production, healthy skin & healthy hair.

Vitamin A: The vitamin A content in Sauerkraut helps rejuvenate the tissues & helps maintain the youthful appearance on the skin. It helps retain skin elasticity, slows down the aging process & prevents wrinkles.

Vitamin B: A must-have nutrient for vegans & vegetarians, the high amount of Vitamin B in Sauerkraut helps the body release energy from foods, making you feel the energetic difference in your body when consuming Sauerkraut daily.  

Vitamin C: Sauerkraut is 20 times much richer in Vitamin C as compared to an unfermented cabbage. The high Vitamin C content helps repair the skin, help produce collagen & produce a clear, smooth, firm & radiant skin from within.  

Enzymes: Enzymes are equivalent to vitality within the body. The more enzymes you have, the more radiant, vibrant & youthful you shall become. Sauerkraut boosts the enzyme production that are essential for toxin elimination, cell repair & rejuvenation & immune response, the factors that contribute to a beautiful skin & healthy hair.

Antioxidants: Sauerkraut is rich in anti-oxidants specifically 'lutein' and 'zeaxanthin', that are required for eye brightness.

Sulfur: The high sulfur content for Sauerkraut helps liver detoxify the body of toxic matter & helping maintain the blood purity. It helps clear & brighten complexion.

Organic Cabbage, Organic Ginger, Sea Salt, Water

Sauerkraut is a traditional staple in German cuisine. Cabbage has been considered as a super-healing food in Europe & holds a spiritual relevance as a plant being grown in monastery gardens in ancient times. The history of fermenting cabbage into a Sauerkraut dates back to the 12th century as a folk medicine to purify blood, heal inflamed gut, optimize digestion & clear skin. Although Germans are known to swear by Sauerkraut for its supreme health benefits, the origin of Sauerkraut is believed to be the Chinese land. Quite interestingly, in the third century, the Chinese laborer's are believed to be nourished on sour cabbage-The Sauerkraut & rice, while constructing the Great Wall of China.