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Luxurious Floral Facial Steam is a blend of natural skin-nourishing flowers that create divine healing floral vapors that detoxify, deeply cleanse & heal the skin. The experience of pampering skin in the most natural way with fragrant floral vapors steam is highly purifying, therapeutic & healing. The curative floral essences of Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend hydrate skin to make it fresh, plump & dewy. The heavenly steam opens pores & penetrates deep within the deepest skin layers & creates a warm & relaxing aura of botanical aromas for the senses. It calms facial muscles restoring the aura of the face. It is an excellent skin detoxifier & nourisher that revitalizes the skin inside-out. When infused in hot water, this luxurious floral blend releases tiny floral essence molecules & the steaming process carries them to skin’s deepest layers, acting as anti-aging facial tonic. These tiny floral essences traverse till the lungs, offering a healing value. When used once a week as a ritual, the skin detoxification & purification becomes regular & a clean, glowing skin begins to radiate naturally overtime.

How it Works

Lavender is antibacterial, anti-fungal & nerve-soothing floral herb. It calms & soothes the skin as well as senses, & aids deep relaxation. It acts a face tonic to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. Chamomile is an excellent floral herb for dry & irritated skin. It soothes due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is deeply relaxing for moods due to its nerve-soothing properties. Rose is an anti-oxidant, a deep cleanser & toner. It smoothens skin by erasing wrinkles. Calendula heals acute skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Its anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-microbial properties help heal the skin at deeper levels. Hibiscus has a healing relevance in the ancient texts of Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a natural toner that also firms the skin naturally. Jasmine nourishes dry & lifeless skin. The powerful blend of Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend hydrates the skin by infusing natural essences & locking them into the skin for a younger, plump appearance. The floral fragrance uplifts the mood, making is a complete body-mind experience!

What to Expect

  • Deep skin detoxification.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Reduced age spots, blackheads & blemishes.
  • Hydrated skin creating a plump dewy youthful effect.
  • Soothed facial muscles & uplifted moods with floral induced relaxation.
  • Breathing skin. 

Please Note: All ingredients are 100% natural & sourced from most organic sources. No additives, chemicals & preservatives are added. Our products do not contain any potentially carcinogenic ingredients including parabens, artificial fragrances, SLS, SLES, preservatives or artificial colors.

The shelf-life of products is 6 months after which the good oils may begin to evaporate. Keep away from moisture & keep refrigerated for longer shelf-life. 


Step 1: Boil filtered water in a vessel & bring it to full boil. Face steamer can also be used to boil water.

Step 2: Wash face properly & remove make-up or dirt with Kiyomeru – The Ancient Face Wash, and pat dry the face.

Step 3: Add 2-3 teaspoons of luxurious floral blend to the boiled water & cover the vessel for 5 minutes until the tiny floral essences are infused in water. Tie hair back & sit comfortably to create a steam tent over the head using a light towel. Make sure there is no passage for the steam to leak out. Rest head nearly 2-3 above the floral aromatic vapors & let the infused floral blend seep deeper into the skin to cleanse & purify pores for 5-10 minutes maximum. Breathe deep from nose to let the calming floral essences absorb deeper into your senses & experience a sense of well-being.

Step 4: Take a clean towel & pat the face dry. Apply ice to in circular motion to close the pores. 

USEFUL TIP: Strain the floral essence water after & store in a glass bottle in the refrigerator as cooling face tonic. Can be used for upto 2 days for a fresh skin splash daily. The floral aromatic water can also be added to the Luxurious Clay Facial Masque for a complete skin detox treatment. In case of dry skin, slather on a thin layer of organic coconut oil on the clean face before beginning steaming. The hot aromatic floral vapors help seep moisture from the coconut oil to moisturize the pores.

CAUTION: Keep a good distance between the steam vessel & face to avoid burning face with intense steam.

USE INSTRUCTIONS: Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend is recommended once a week to detox the facial skin & fight-off aging factors regularly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend gives excellent results when used in combination of Luxurious Clay Facial Masque.


Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend+ Luxurious Clay Facial Masque.

Both to be used as a weekly ritual for enriching body & mind experience. Luxurious Clay Facial Masque when used after Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend, penetrates much deeper to nourish cells, deep cleanse the pores, tighten & rejuvenate the skin. For extra skin nutrition, floral aromatic essence may be added to the clay to prepare the masque.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), Rose (Rosa centifolia), Calendula (Calendula officinalis), Jasmine (Jasminum), Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)..

When bathing was an art ritualized by floral essences, earthy clays, mysterious vapors from herbarized steams & aromatic oils, women attained beauty & femininity par words effortlessly! Mesmerizing floral steams brimming with divine rose fragrances, beautifying, herbarized waters, was what Greeks sweared by. The concept of luxurious floral spas originated in the ancient Greek & Roman cultures to attain the goodness of natural floral essences, not just to beautify the skin, but also heal skin gently with botanical essences infused with life force. Read through global ancient history & you know, luxurious skin pampering with floral botanicals is deeply rooted in almost all ancient cultures of the world. From this emerged the concept of floral facial steam as a ritual to keep skin pure, clean & gleaming form within! Travelling a journey through ages, ‘Luxurious Floral Facial Steam Blend’ is revived for self-indulgence with the healing powers of nature!