Hello, I am Deepti Sehgal, founder of Svarasya. With a sense of deep satisfaction, gratitude & excitement, we hereby announce that Svarasya is all new in looks, yet the same old-soul in its values, ethics & formulations.

Svarasya started in 2018 with a vision rooted in Ayurveda ritualistic skincare & selfcare, and we have abided by the wisdom of tradition, reviving our skincare formulations from almost 5000-year-old Ayurveda & Oriental tradition.

Svarasya in Sanskrit means ‘your inner essence’ that shines through as magnetic beauty on the outside. In Ayurveda this essence is nourished by living the simple Ayurveda principles as the true path to attain timeless radiance. Infusing the simplicity of Ayurveda in daily skincare & selfcare has been one of our core brand visions, & with a big leap of faith in this transition, we are happy to announce that Svarasya has found its abode in aesthetics that symbolize the simplicity & purity of Ayurveda & Yogic way of Life.

Why Rebranding?

Nature beautifully reminds us of the universal ‘law of change’ in the form of nights transitioning into a bright day, each month the dark nights transitioning into bright silvery moonlight shimmer, and year slowly flowing from one season to another every few months.

Svarasya’s new aesthetics abide by this universal law of change. Simplicity brings beauty to the body & mind, and joy to the heart. As Svarasya moves into the phase of its next season, we decided to go simple in our appearance and let the values of Ayurveda wisdom reflect through our renewed appearance, actions & deeds.

While keeping a balance between our years of presence in the Ayurveda skincare space and basking in the simplicity of our renewed presence, we intend to come closer to the Indian roots and grow as a brand that deeply imbibes the purity of Ayurveda & Yogic lifestyle as the path to attaining inner balance & radiance with ritualistic skincare & selfcare. With a vision to raise beauty consciousness rooted in Ayurveda wisdom, we truly believe nature is simple, high-vibrational, and mystically beautiful, so is real beauty!

With this transition, we strive to create a presence that is simple and provides beautiful experience in using skincare products that make you look & feel good creating a sense of harmony in body, mind & spirit.

New Logo & Aesthetic Appeal

Svarasya’s new all-white aesthetic appeal symbolizes the energy & simplicity of Ayurveda, purity of lotus, clarity of our ethos, purification of our approach to skincare & selfcare, and our keen orientation towards Ayurveda & Yoga approach to selfcare. Our new golden lotus logo symbolizes rising above the muddy waters & raising the high-vibrational beauty consciousness rooted in the Ayurveda wisdom.

Founder’s Note

My love & craze for nature-inspired skincare made with a concoction of grains, beans,lentils, herbs, spices, dried flowers, natural oils & butters started in childhood. I remember my mother preparing her skincare concoctions at home, intuitively knowing what ingredients keep her skin clean, youthful & moisturized, and I grew up observing selfcare with kitchen ingredients as a way of life for beauty inside out. While working in the kitchen she would use some sesame oil or ghee to moisturise her dry skin, while washing her face she would use paste made from chickpea flour, curd & honey. My initial inspiration for creating such high-performance Svarasya formulations came from this beauty tradition back home.

Over years, I realized these all-natural skincare formulations were not just a boon for skin but also for hormonal health. Being free of xenoestrogenic ingredients (that mimic the hormonal activity to confuse the body & cause hormonal fluctuations), my interest got deeper into creating more of such traditional, clean, holistic, pure, high-performance & free of any nasty chemicals’ products.

I studied Ayurveda & Yoga as a way of life, & early in life realized the deep potential of these ancient teachings for maintaining the health & youth of body & mind. With Svarasya, I wanted to bring all this knowledge to use in the form of education & products that work the way Ayurveda defines them. Keeping the skincare needs of family & friends in the forefront, I started creating formulations using these kitchen ingredients, and so many of them benefitted with formulations with just one application. Natural ingredients did wonders to their skin & Svarasya initially started as a home- grown brand in its true sense!

Today, as we stand on the verge of growth & ready to soar high, we took a moment to reflect deep within & see what part of Svarasya needs to be nourished to live upto its promise of imbibing Ayurveda simplicity into its being. After months of deep contemplation on envisioning the path ahead, here we are with a new presence that defines our core vision & value that imbibes the purity & simplicity of Ayurveda & Yoga into our core presence. Till date our skincare formulations have lived upto their promise. Now, our new presence highly supports our vision, knitting the age-old charm of simple skincare products with a presence that vibes with the simple philosophy of Ayurveda that highly emphasizes the importance of simple living & moments of coming back to yourself with daily discipline & persistence, to shine through in a beautiful body & mind.

Let your simplicity speak the story of your beauty & vitality!

Stay beautiful!

Deepti Sehgal, Founder - Svarasya

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