Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash

Gently cleanses the skin | Controls excess oil

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This 1200-year-old recipe embodies the Japanese art of Kiyomeru, which stands for purifying and dispelling impurities. Our formulation elevates this art of purity into a daily habit.

At the core of Kiyomeru resides its star ingredient - Adzuki beans. Throughout generations, Japanese skincare rituals cherished Adzuki beans for their detoxifying properties.

This makes Kiyomeru a gentle and rejuvenating facewash for a healthy complexion

  • Deeply cleanses impurities and excess oil to reveal clear skin
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin from the surface
  • Stimulates blood circulation as you massage the powder into your skin
  • Renews skin texture to reveal smoother skin
  • Prevents acne breakouts and soothes acne scars
    Key Ingredients

    Adzuki Beans, Clove Extract, Lavender Extract

    How to Use
    • Mix one teaspoon of face cleanser with water.
    • Make a paste & gently apply on the face for 2-3 minutes and wash off.
    • Rose and cucumber water can be added to make the paste nutritious for the skin.

    Adzuki beans, Neem, Lavender extract & Clove Extract

    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
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    Key Ingredients

    • Adzuki Beans

      Enriched with Saponin, adzuki beans have a natural foaming capacity that gently exfoliates the skin to unclog pores.

    • Clove Extract

      Highly rich in antioxidants, clove adds life to dull skin, improving skin texture.

    • Lavender

      Anti inflammatory in nature lavender, oil soothes the skin which reduces redness and scars.

    The Essence of Kiyomeru

    This heavenly face wash was once the secret of royalties during the Nara Period (710-794). 

    They achieved porcelain complexions through this pink bean powder filled in small silk pouches.

    Today, Kiyomeru's formula continues to impart its pure radiance to modern Japanese women who embrace the wisdom of ancestral beauty rituals. 

    Its soft texture, fresh aroma, and healing prowess make it a true revolution in skincare.

    How To Use Kiyomeru?


    1. Mix one flat teaspoon of cleanser with water and make a paste.
    2. Gently massage it on the face, especially around problem areas.
    3. Massage in a circular and upward motion for a few seconds.
    4. Let the skin absorb the goodness of natural oils & minerals.
    5. Rinse well with water and pat dry with a clean towel.
    To boost skin nutrition, consider adding milk, cucumber juice, or rose water to the paste.


    1. Fill a small silk or cotton drawstring bag with 2 teaspoons of Kiyomeru and soak it in hot water.
    2. The oozing of creamy liquid makes it ready to use.
    3. Gently massage the bag over the face for a few minutes.
    4. Rinse well with water and pat dry with a clean towel.
    5. The drawstring bag may be used for 2-3 washings, once moistened.
    After frequent use, empty the bag & wash it with soap & dry the bag before further use.

    How Kiyomeru Works on Your Skin

    Cleanses Impurities

    The natural foaming qualities of Adzuki beans delicately clean impurities and pollutants, while bestowing a fresh glow to the complexion.

    Gently Exfoliates

    The delicate granules of Adzuki beans serve as natural exfoliators, gently whisking away dead skin and excess oils that may collect on the skin's surface.

    Reduces the Signs of Aging

    The infusion of antioxidants through clove extracts guards the skin against premature aging and reduces its appearance.

    Protects Against Acne Breakouts

    The natural antibacterial properties of Neem extracts fight against acne-causing bacteria and harmonize the skin’s natural oils.

    Reveals Oil-Free Skin

    Owing to Kiyomeru’s rich mineral content, it absorbs the skin’s excess oils while retaining its natural moisture.

    Unlock squeaky clean skin with Kiyomeru, every day!

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    Kiyomeru - The Purifying Japanese Face Wash
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Swapna Bhosle
    Kiyomeru Face Wash Review

    Have been using it since last 2 weeks. Cleanses the face thoroughly. Mess free powder cleanser. And it truly gives glass like skin. I have attended 2 functions without any makeup because my skin was so tight and glowly already because of Kiyomeru. Great work with this one Swarasya. I am addicted to it.

    Deepika Dilip Misal

    KIYOMERU - Daily Powder Face Wash

    Very good face cleaner

    I am writing this review after using this product after 1.5 months, now it has been finished. This cleans skin very well, no dryness or oily skin after wash. I felt my face skin evenly tonnes, fresh, blemish free.I will recommend this to be used and now going to order one more.Again this is my skin review and may vary person to person.

    Lavanya Dubey
    Awesome awesome awesome 👏

    Awesome awesome awesome.... make your skin smooth, clear and fair... love it.... I used many products of Svarasya and this one I like the most and another is hair oil ... both products are just awesome

    Arman A

    Love the texture, Fragnance and feel of this facewash. One of the best facewash I have ever used. My skin has become more clear and radiant with few washes. I avoid using any makeup and after using this facewash my skin does not need any makeup at all. it makes my skin smooth, bright, moisturized and beautiful.


    How often can I use Kiyomeru face cleanser?

    Kiyomeru can be used to deep cleanse the skin naturally 2-3 times daily.

    What is the consistency of Kiyomeru?

     This face wash comes in a powdered consistency that provides you with more product when mixed with water.

    What is Kiyomeru made from?

    Kiyomeru is made from adzuki beans which are naturally rich in saponins which is a natural cleansing agent and removes skin impurities at a deeper level.

    Will Kiyomeru dry my skin out?

    No, Kiyomeru nourishes the skin, maintains skin pH balance and helps maintain natural oils of the skin.

    Does Kiyomery suit all skin types?

    Yes, Kiyomeru is safe for all skin types.

    Will Kiyomeru help with acne and pigmentation?

    If used regularly, Kiyomeru helps lighten pigmentation and clarify skin texture.

    Are there any side effects of using a powder-based face wash?

    Kiyomeru is a natural face wash with no side effects.