Ghee has been a staple in Indian culture. Believe it or not, ghee has secretly served as the beauty fat since ages to keep the skin texture of ancient Indian women smooth, plump, lubricated and youthful. The traditional grandma generation was all about ghee in their dietary practices and outer selfcare. The grandma generation was inclined to ghee as a healthy fat alternative, intuitively knowing how ghee consumption in winters kept their skin lubricated from within, protected skin from dryness, wrinkling and aging. For that generation, making a variety of ghee delicacies intuitively, was a way to stay flexible with internal lubrication, keep skin soft, supple, and smooth from within, and nourish their vitality (ojas), the attraction factor! The energy, the charm and the beautiful naturally lubricated skin of a traditional grandma is a testimony of the inherent properties of ghee for inner and outer beautification. 

While the ancient women cultivated their own ways of keeping themselves nourished and beautiful with ghee, it is not by chance that the ancients discovered ghee for its immense miraculous health and beauty benefits. In the Ayurveda tradition, ghee is a staple cooking ingredient and has always been appreciated for its nourishing and healing properties. Even the legendary text of Rig Veda describes ghee as: 

“Streams of ghee caress the burning wood.
Agni, the fire, loves them and is satisfied.” 

– Rig Veda

Ghee has been honoured in the Vedas as a source of fuel to purify the agni (digestive power). Agni in Ayurveda is understood as the digestive force to convert the nutritive substances in food into bio-available nutrition molecules that support health and build skin from within. Ayurveda believes that ghee fuels this inner fire within the stomach that is responsible for creating inner radiance, enhance beauty and youth factor. Ghee helps improve the digestive secretions for optimal digestion, which reflects in the radiance, smoothness, charm, and clarity on the skin. It is also described in Ayurveda that a low agni leads to dull complexion while a high agni leads to dryness, skin rashes, wrinkling and inflamed, irritated skin. Ghee directly works at the source of where the beauty begins!

Ghee for Beauty from Within

In Ayurveda, ghee is used in cooking extensively. While the purpose of cooking with ghee in Ayurveda is to serve health purpose, holistically, that inclusion of ghee in diet is also serving the beauty from within! Penetrating till the layers of all dhatus (tissue layers), ghee lubricates the organs and connective tissues, serves as a detoxifying agent binding with the toxins and pulling them out of the system and creating flexibility in the spine & joints. Internal lubrication reflects outwardly as skin luster, youthful complexion, radiant skin and flexible body.  

Eating Ghee is Soothing and Smoothening for the Skin: Inflammation is the root cause of many skin concerns such as dry skin, wrinkling, aging skin, eczema, psoriasis, and skin breakouts. Ghee contains butyric acid, chain of beauty fats known to reduce and soothe inner inflammation and promote a radiant complexion. 

Ghee Rekindles the Fire of Beauty in the Stomach: A great digestive fuel, ghee stimulates digestive secretions to help break down food into nutritive components, while removing the toxins and improving digestive power. Ghee supports gut at every level of digestion. In stomach it stimulates digestive enzymes, in the small intestine it helps lubricate the absorption passage for easy assimilation, and in the large intestine the butyric acid in ghee helps repair the intestinal walls and promote healthy elimination. 

Ghee Aids Absorption of Beauty Nutrients: In Ayurveda, ghee is known as the carrier of nutritive agents. Including ghee in meals improves the absorbability of nutrients required to fuel healthy skin quality from within. 

Ghee is the Source of Beautifying Fats: Ghee contains fats that counter dryness, inflammation, and stiffness from within. It nourishes the tissues from within that reflects outwardly on the skin as smooth, radiant, and lustrous complexion. 

Ghee for Beauty from Outside

Applying ghee topically on the skin is the best skincare according to Ayurveda. The best way to use ghee on the skin is in the form of 5000-year-old skincare formulation known as Shata Dhauta Ghrita. Shata Dhauta Ghrita is made by washing ghee 100 times in a copper vessel. This Vedic process converts ghee into a lightweight, fluffy, cooling and deeply penetrative skin cream known in tradition and science for its miraculous beautifying and therapeutic properties. 

Shata Dhauta Ghrita (known in sanskrit as ‘Shat Dhat Ghrit’) skin formulation is mentioned in Charak Samhita, the Ayurveda literature, to support collagen production, brightening complexion, deeply moisturizing the skin, reducing signs of pigmentation, reducing dark circles, soothing heat rashes, deeply hydrating the skin, lightening blemishes, improving skin elasticity, delaying aging, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, healing chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Ghee is a deeply penetrative natural moisturiser used since ancient times for soothing inflamed skin. The fats in ghee absorb deeply and help lock the moisture at the deepest layers of the skin. Ghee also supports inner skin hydration keeping dryness at bay. Applying ghee on skin also protects skin from aging due to squalene, an antioxidant that protects skin from the harmful effects of free radicals that cause quick aging. It also soothes irritated skin due to its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Butyric acid in ghee promotes new skin cells.

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