Almost every other person today is in search of skincare products that can help them deal with dry and dehydrated skin effectively. While most people go by their instincts to choose the best products for dry skin, there lies a deeper understanding in Ayurveda about dry skin. According to Ayurveda, skin type that constantly shows signs of dryness, thinning skin and roughness is influenced by a specific biological energy type known as vata dosha. Vata energy is understood as the airy energy that causes dryness and brittleness of tissues inside the body and the similar traits reflect on the skin. Individuals high in vata energy possess skin that is inherently prone to dryness and early aging.  

 Characteristics of Vata Skin

While a vata skin type is safe and protected from common skin conditions like oily skin, acne and breakouts, the imbalance of vata dosha reflects on skin type, skin texture and skin condition with concerns of opposite nature. Vata skin type is delicate, lacks luster, thin and prone to dryness. An individual with high vata tendencies possesses more of airy properties that govern their tissues and joints. As a result, the airy quality tends to dry up the tissues and joints creating constant skin challenges with respect to extreme drying of skin, rough and cracked skin, chapped lips, cracked heels, wrinkling, premature aging, skin thinning, loss of elasticity, scaly and itchy skin. A chronically dehydrated vata skin may flare-up into conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Vata skin has minimal production of sebum (the natural oils) that keeps the skin poreless and conditions like clogged pores do not arise on this skin type. However, due to lack of sebum, vata skin is prone to dehydration causing fine lines and wrinkles that may get aggravated specifically during cold season and windy weather.

Vata Skin Requirements

A well-cared vata skin can be transformed into a beautiful ‘porcelain skin’ texture by nourishing it with deeply hydrating products high in oily quality. According to Ayurveda, bringing-in the opposite qualities of dryness is the ideal approach to deal with vata skin conditions. Thus, a skin dominated by vata qualities requires:

  • Deep and constant hydration to keep it supple and maintain elasticity.
  • Regular moisturizing routine with skincare agents that penetrate deeper into the skin tissue layers.
  • Oils to counteract the effect of inner dryness.

Why Ghee is the Best Moisturiser for Vata Skin?

Ghee is recognized in Ayurveda for it oily, deeply penetrative, grounding, and nourishing properties. It helps alleviate or settle down the vata tendencies, thus enhancing skin hydration levels, suppleness, and elasticity.

Shata Dhauta Ghrita for Vata Skin Types

Shata Dhauta Ghrita, the 100 times washed ghee is a traditional Ayurveda ghee cream that penetrates to the deepest skin tissues and moisturizes the skin. This traditional ghee cream possesses cooling properties that helps soothe the skin. Due to its oily and moisturizing properties, regular use of Shata Dhauta Ghrita helps delay skin aging which is vital for vata skin types.

How to Use Shata Dhauta Ghrita for Vata Skin

 Apply Shata Dhauta Ghrita externally on the skin daily to restore skin balance. Dab the required quantity on face and neck, and massage in upward circular motion until you create a warmth on the skin that soothes the flared-up vata tendencies. Face massage with Shata Dhauta Ghrita provides a grounding experience while lubricating and nourishing the skin with oily base of the cream which provides opposite qualities of dryness to create inner skin balance. This also helps improve blood circulation that brings back luster on the skin and alleviates skin dullness.



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