The Beauty rituals in India are age-old. The ancient literature of Ayurveda has served as the guiding force behind natural self-care & self-maintenance for ancient Indian women since ages. The “Fountain of Youth” is hidden in the age-old literature of Ayurveda!

Ancient Indian women believed that if you couldn’t eat it, it didn’t belong on the skin. Ingredients ranging from sandalwood, saffron, amla; Herbs like neem, tulsi, turmeric have always been an inseparable part of Indian beauty culture. Basically, the skin care regime of ancient Indian women comprised of the most nutritionally edible herbs and oils. Svarasya ancient Indian skincare line is all about reviving the age-old secrets of immensely beautiful ancient Indian women & their beauty rituals in the form of cleansing treatment, nourishment, skin brightening, acne-control & anti-tan beauty range.

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